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EVS Volunteer in Thessaloniki, 30/09/2019 – 30/05/2019

My EVS project name was “ErasChOOL” and through this project, me and another volunteer from Cyprus, we informed the youth of Thessaloniki about the programs and the opportunities they have
through Εrasmus+. Our aim was to show them that by participating in European programs they can
become more active, they can improve their knowledge and skills and make their dreams come true. We
transferred our experiences and knowledge by using informational presentations, games, and non-
formal educational activities. We used to adjust our actions according to the age and the needs of the
people we had to inform each time. We implemented our project in schools, colleges, youth teams, and
Youth Forums in order to inform as many young people as we could.
I really loved this project! It took place in one of my favorite cities, it was close to my interests and every
time we had completed our interaction with young people, I was full of excitement and joy! I also liked
this project because it had an amazing procedure of both giving and taking. From every participant, we
took something different, a feeling, an idea, something to consider, which helped us to improve our
project but especially ourselves.
Through this program, I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills, to meet extraordinary
people, to realize what I really love to do and to create a better version of myself. I’m so thankful about
the experiences and the knowledge that EVS Program gave me and I will always encourage young
people to participate in European Programs.
It was a life changing experience for me!

Marianna Philippou