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''VISYON'' project | Press Release

EU offers great opportunities for young people around Europe through multiple programmes and initiatives such as: Erasmus+ projects,European Solidarity Corps Opportunities, DiscoverEU and more! Still, many young people report low levels of knowledge of the EU and its functions, they feel that they do not receive enough information about it and do not know how citizens can participate in the various programmes.On the other hand, even though young people generally support the EU, there are increasing levels of Euro-scepticism within society in general. For this reason, during the 6th cycle of the EU “Youth Dialogue – Youth in Europe: What’s next?” which took place in 2017/2018* with young people from all over Europe, 11 European Youth Goals were developed, to identify the main challenges that affect young people’s lives and contribute to realising their vision.

VISYON project was designed in this particular framework, with the specific goal to Engage, Connect and Empower young people across Europe by equipping them with a stronger sense of belonging to the European society, thus turning them into active citizens with highly important skills for the 21st century, such as media literacy and digital
content creation. VISYON (Values, Ideas and Stories from Youth ON stage) is a European Youth Together** project that aims to:

  • Raise awareness among young Europeans about current EU youth policies and directly involve them in the political dialogue and decision-making process.
  • Foster active youth engagement and transnational solidarity
  • Provide participants with transferable skills and attitudes on critical thinking and analytical capacity, as well as interpersonal competences such as communication, cooperation, democratic dialogue, conflict resolution.
  • Provide youngsters with a forum to discuss their needs and challenges and to contribute to the implementation of the 11 European Youth Goals.