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Training Course in Warsaw, Poland - 2021

The experience of the Cypriot team

We were a group of 17 youngsters with very different backgrounds. Our group was really diverse and because of this we understood the inclusion even more. It was so nice to meet all this people and to become friends with everyone.

The Project:

The Training Course Let Me In, happened in Warsaw from 24/10/2021 – 2/11/2021. The project was based on balanced composition of theory and practice, designed to give participants a space to re-define their own approaches towards inclusive education and to explore practical, innovative tool. 

We took a part on a training in Poland, where we explored the concept of inclusion. During the week we participated in different activities and in the main creative process of telling our stories with the help of digital tools. We had a chance to discover different meanings behind the photos and how to express our feeling and mindsets through the lens. During the week, we also had some free time so we explored the city of Warsaw. In the evenings we organised some gatherings, where we learned different dances and tried traditional dishes from participant’s countries.

The Outcome: 

The creative process took us from getting to know everyone to the final production, where we all shared our digital storytelling video. The people on the training were really the heart of the whole project and we were really happy that we were a part of them.



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