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My EVS in Cyprus has definitely changed my life, both personal and professional. When I arrived I just finished my studies in Psychology, but I didn’t have anything concrete in my mind of where I wanted to work. Once I was there I had the chance to combine different kind of volunteering, and the one I loved the most it was working with migrants and refugees.

Well, now I can say that, thanks to the EVS, and all the people who had helped and supported me, I have the job I wanted, psychologist with refugees back in Spain. But it wasn’t only the professional aspect of my life what had grown during those 9 months in Cyprus under the umbrella of the YEU family, also my personal life, the wonderful people I met there, and what I had learnt from every single person I met there. It was definitely a wonderful experience and for sure I’ll be back to visit my people in the island of the sun. Euxaristo para polu oikogenia mou!