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European Solidarity Corps - Mission Tradition

The experience of our volunteer Mario

How it all started:

You never know which side of the world will life take you. Mario (20yo) from North Macedonia, after finishing his first year at the Faculty of English Language and Literature at UKIM, accidentally came upon a call for a Macedonian volunteer for a project in Cyprus.

The Project:

A project that seeks to promote and discover the culture and tradition of the country. After several days of thinking, he decided to apply and has been on this island for 5 months now. Being able to go to Cyprus, explore the island, meet many new people with amazing experiences, and be part of a team that helps me learn more about the cultures, traditions and customs of Cyprus is important to me.

The Outcome: 

It is an extraordinary experience that will be remembered for a lifetime, with the motivation to get out of the comfort zone. In addition, working on yourself and your character is another key part of volunteering abroad. Tradition is something we must all maintain, regardless of the country we live in… And of course, the friendships gained through this experience are priceless.


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