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Priscilia, Martinique, France:

➢My personal experience
It was a good experience for me of participate to this training because I have a lot learn of the differents cultures and I had discover an other environment. I’m proud of me because I’ve improve my level of understanding and my level of expression. Despite the fact that no speak english well done, I knew exchange with participants and make me understand. During this training, relative to differents activities I was able to detach myself from everyday life, pressure at work and stress, and I had develop a feeling of well being.
➢ Organisation of the training course
The staff was very welcoming, we had a lot of interesting material for the workshop. I found that the activities were diversified and was often connected at day of theme.
➢ Cultural/Personal contribution
To speak of the culture of my country, my daily life and the differents activities of my circle seemed interesting for the participants. It’s a pleasure for me to bring a Caribbean touch in this seminar.
➢ The impact on my daily life
On my return, I wanted to share all these moments of well being with my entourage, my other colleagues, my friends and with young volunteers.


Philippe, Martinique, France:

I was very satisfied with this experience, at first I appreciated a lot the country to which I am to go who was for me a kind of source of inspiration and in connection with the theme. For me, I learnt a great deal of things on the human relations, in particular in attitudes with the people when they are grateful to a person who does good to them. I also was very happy of the visit to mosques because it was child’s dream, it was a very beautiful experience for me.
For me, the theme seemed to me surprising at first for a seminar within the framework of the programm ERASMUS +. I asked myself questions on the theme of the happiness and I had difficulty in falling in a theme as this one within the framework of the seminar. I fast understood that there was an adapted educational approach, and that the organizers mastered the subject.
It was one of the themes that I the most appreciated in all the seminars that I have already made.
At first in terms of organization, I found educational aspects very well prepared and presented. I found that the frame in which we were welcomed was up to what we could claim. The place was simple with a warm staff, without too much luxury. The workplace was adapted to receive the participants.
On the other hand at the level of the organization of the last day, we should have presented before aspects bound at first. We would have better been able to get organized if we had certain information upstream, in particular the schedules of departure of the hotel.
My origin from Martinique brought an exotic color to this seminar. I do not think of having brought more in terms of experience but my vision of things and animation gave a different touch, especially during informal times.
I held a thing:
The learning of one is an important thing brought to the everyday life within the framework of our activities to the young people. I wished to develop with the young people within the framework of the animation a method of work which would favor a better self-knowledge and which they develop it in their turn within the framework of communication and relations with others.

Laetitia, Martinique, France:

My personal experience
Before to go in Cyprus, I cannot deny, I had a lot apprehension, compared to the trips which I did before. This island seemed really far but also close to a dangerous area, because of the north vs south troubles that I was informed by the « France diplomatie » plateform of the French minister ; also located close to Syria. I was afraid about certain things, without thinking not to go. I was curious to see that what we thought was not actually true. Throughout several experiences of mobility, I could discover that we don’t know a place until we have been there. Even if part, we cannot judge a country by an experience that we have for two weeks, in only one area visited. But more often the apprehensions are caused by statements and reports.

I wanted to create my own opinion by going on this island located so far. We were welcomed by the most smiling person we could met : « Maria » of the YEU Cyprus organisation. Maria came to pick us up at the Larnaca airport, to take us at the Elyssia Hotel in Pedoulas where we entirely had the stay. The meeting with the entire group of participants happened in the airport where we were waiting for the members of YEU Cyprus. This moment has been natural but simple because everybody was tired.

What I thought of the organization of the seminar
At our arrival to the Elyssia Hotel, we were welcomed warmly by the owners of the hotel and the other members of YEU CYPRUS ; (the president of the organisation Yiota, and also Miranda) who were our animators for the training course. Immediately, rooms were awarded to us and the trainers did an animation in the big room to help get us in the spirit of the seminar. We had dinner all together and we discussed at the table about our travels.

The following day, we started by the first workshop which consisted to learn to know each others : participants and members of the host organisation Since that, the days were well full and fun. The workshops were carry out in a simple and playful way. We always had necessary material to achieve it and we never missed anything neither. I could really feel a true teamwork between all participants, and no one have been on the side. Despite the difficulties for some people to communicate in english, we all could discuss and exchange ideas with all the participants. Diverse groups were created during the workshops that helped the persons which had difficulties to communicate in english to feel talking with everyone.

Each exercise had a goal because of the theme we were talking about in the day, I thought it was a good and smart idea. After each day, I liked the fact that we could share our suggestions and thoughts on the activities. I felt comfortable during the entire seminar, I wasn’t bored at all and the activities were differents and we always changed our way to work. I had a good relation with my roommates, we discussed every night about what we did in the day, it was our moment. I think that I developped during the seminar personal and professional skills. We learned a lot about ourselves, things around us and our way to approach certain topics or to evaluate ourselves in general. Professionnally, I learned new exercises which help me a lot in my job, I think I had the chance to involve my creativity and then I want to use in my daily life. The Happiness theme was addressed on several aspects and I liked the fact that they used our personal experiences to recognize the automatical behaviors that we have in our daily life, which create incidences in the work.

My cultural or personal contribution
I think of having brought to this seminary my motivation and the desire to discover. I was opened to the discovery of activities bound to the theme of the happiness. I participated actively in the various exchanges which we were able to realize, I was also able to put into practice technical skills bound to my culture, in particular a workshop on the dance ” bèlè “, where I introduced all the participants during a session. I think of having also been of a big help for my participating companions of Martinique, so that they can communicate with the others, with regard to(compared with) their difficulty expressing himself in English. I was a link between them and the other participants.

The impact of the seminar on my everyday life in my return in Martinique
All the skills were acquired during this seminary, I try to put into practice them in my everyday life because I became aware that we do not learn to know each other oneself in the daily life, while it is the essential element before confronting with the others.
I did not learn everything of this seminar, but he allowed me to become aware of certain things as I already made. Quite these elements which seem to us small but which are very important.

Harry, Martinique, France: 

It has been a good experience rich in culture, knowledge and discovery. A trip to another world where again English is essential. I discovered a huge island divided into 2 parts
¢ Southern part led by the Greeks
¢ Northern part led by the Turks

It felt like a battle of territory.
The Greek part for me is similar to a part of the United States. It was both Miami, the Texas desert or California, I even saw a Harley Davison club it’s really the American dream makes you want to live there.
The Turkish side the landscape is almost the same as in the other part, except that it’s not paradise. It is the exact copy of Iraq, Afghanistan or even Haiti with houses, dilapidated road cars, one can even think that a sandstorm come on the capital Nicosia.
If you have to choose, without hesitation I will live in the South, the only downside is that driving is the same principle as England, flying right turn left but it’s only a matter of usual.
In this seminar I felt more or less well, I still had the language barrier, a lot of trouble communicating to understand to make me understand, but over time I managed to move forward. At no time did I feel helpless because we were a close-knit team that was quite open-minded.
I found the organization very good, the organizers Yiota and Miranda were able to lead this project with exemplary mastery, it was very structured, they knew what they were saying and doing.With my comrades from Martinique, we brought some typical products of our country.
¢ Country jam
¢ Cane sugar
¢ Agricultural rum
¢ Etc. …

We also released a short film that introduces Martinique today, and made an introduction to our traditional dances
¢ Biguine
¢ Mazurka
¢ Bèlè
¢ Zouk

Personally, I played guitar for the participants during our intercultural evenings and free parties, showing that I can adapt to almost all kinds of music. They loved it because music has the gift of bringing people together, it is a therapy that can only do good.

Alen Umer, F.Y.R.O.M:

„Interactive, varied format, friendly, approachable presenters.
Covered a lot of ground, with lots of information on where to access additional help, and good practical strategies. This training was vital, it demystifies and destigmatises many conditions, helped me to gain even more confidence and providing help to others. Also a useful, well-structured course which allowed me to be better prepared for these situations, to pay attention to emotional life. The honest and frank discussions were very useful and i hope in the future to participate at more training courses from this kind. Also, it helped me to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and overall pressure on benefits.  Now, at this moment i’m Sublime Beatitudo – on the top of ultimate, perfect happiness.
Hope to see you in the near future.“