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Youth Exchanges
What are they?
Youth exchanges allow groups of young people from different countries to meet, live together and work on shared projects for short periods. They take place outside the school environment. On a youth exchange, you can expect to participate in activities such as workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, outdoor activities and more. Participants' learning experiences are recognised through a Youthpass.

Stories from our Volunteers

Current Opportunities

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Learning Training Teaching Activity| 'Superheroes'- Cyprus, Nicosia | 02/08 - 08/08/2023
The main idea of the activity is to create an inclusive opportunity for young people to contribute to...
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Youth Exchange 'THE NEXT GREEN GENERATION' | Berovo - North Macedonia | 23.10.22 - 29.10.22
The main purpose of our project is to create sustainable environmental awareness in our young participants...
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Youth Exchange SOCIAL INCLUSION: MAKE IT SPORTIF, Portugal, Coimbra, 14-22 November
Sport has proven to be an essential instrument in the provision of positive development paths, harnessing...
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Youth Exchange. Europe in the time of crisis. Crisis 1: Climate Change. Germany, Berlin, 19-28 September , 2022
„Europe in the time of Crisis” is an international youth exchange aiming to strengthen feeling of responsibility...
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zero waste
Zero waste - the impact of our choices - Youth Exchange 17 -25/10/2022
The main aim of the “Zero Waste” project is to empower young people to become active social...
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peace of mind
PEACE OF MIND - Youth Exchange
18. – 29.07.2022, Magnet House, Dositeja Obradovica 34, Veliki Gaj (Serbia) AIM of this project...
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SustainMobility Adventure
Turkey, 10. – 16. July 2022 – Alayna, Antalya The...
peace of mind
Not Your Soldier! Youth Exchange, Vienna, Austria, 10-17.08.2022
No war anywhere! The current war in Ukraine has changed...
table flower
To make a table you need a flower, Youth Exchange, Morfasso, Italy, 21-26 November. PV October 15-16, 2022
Since we are living a climate change crisis is fundamental...
PEACE AT WAR, Erasmus + Youth Exchange
Kaunas, Lithuania , 24.05 – 01.06.2022 Summary: Conflicts...
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KACZYN, POLAND, 12.07.2022 – 22.07.2022 Nowadays,...