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Nicosia, Cyprus

The Project:

This volunteering activity will focus on the Youth Goal #9 Space and Participation for All and specifically on the aspect of ensuring equal access to everyday decision making for all young people from different backgrounds. With this project we will focus on the problem that young people, and particularly young women, are underrepresented in decision-making processes which affect them. Their engagement is crucial to democratic practices and having equal representation. Young women and young people with fewer opportunities need access to physical spaces in their communities to support their personal, cultural and political development. With this project we will focus on empowering women, and young people from marginalized groups within the political sphere along with stressing the importance of the entire youth community supporting them as a democratic act.

Project dates: September (asap) for a duration of six months.


  • Structured dialogue conferences.
  • Debates.
  • Public Interventions.
  • Drafting policy papers, public consultations, advocacy, lobbying for youth and female matters.
  • Facilitate information and sensitization activities for youth/shed a light on actual topics providing comprehensive information.
  • Seek collaborations with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, Female Movements and the LGBTQI+ organization ACCEPT
  • Social media campaigns, infographics, email, newsletters.

Volunteers Profile:

  • The volunteers must have the necessary competencies and motivation to work with people coming from different backgrounds and with different interests.
  • They should have the willingness and openness to learn new things, such as working with ICT tools and non-formal methodology.
  • In regards to the focus of the program it would be preferable for the volunteers to have a relevant background, knowledge or passion concerning the subject.
  • The volunteers should be over 18 years old, open-minded towards multiple working methods, to people from different cultures and be open to new experiences in a transcultural environment.
  • The volunteers should be able to work in a collaborative environment, where they have to engage creatively with the subject and be open-minded and inventive since they will have to create methods to engage actively the local communities.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to decide on more activities to be organised for the project based on their own interest and experience.
  • A good level of English is also preferable.

If you wish to apply to participate in the project, please read the following infopack very carefully!

In order to apply please send your CV and cover letter AND a completed copy of the following form to or

You can find a copy of the application form for the project by clicking on the link below: 

Application Form