"Youth (work) without borders" T/C in Croatia|10-18 September 2018

"Youth (work) without borders" T/C in Croatia|10-18 September 2018

“Youth (work) without borders” T/C in Croatia|10-18 September 2018

The TC “Youth (work) without borders” aims to enable participants to explore and develop the
understanding of the concept and factors of youth work and non-formal learning. It will address the
need present throughout whole Europe for competent nonformal education practitioners in civil
society (youth workers, trainers, facilitators, youth leaders) who will be equipped to run educational
activities for youth based on the values of the European Union and the Council of Europe, tailor-made
for their local realities and the needs of specific target groups.

The training course will be held in Nova Gradiška, Croatia, from 10th to 18th of September 2018.
It will be addressed to 22 participants - staff/members/volunteers of partner organization active in
youth work as youth workers, youth leaders, facilitators, trainers and other NFL practitioners, and 4
members of the organization and training team; coming from 9 European countries, as follows:
Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

This TC will provide a significant contribution to participants in the improvement of their competences
as they will gain comprehensive knowledge about the learning process, group dynamic, nonformal
learning methodology, youth work, YouthPass, 8 KC frameworks and acquire skills needed to
transfer them into practice, thereby enhancing the quality of youth work. Furthermore, in order to
ensure sustainability, this TC will provide the participants with a coached and structured opportunity
to elaborate a professional and personal development plan based on competencies and values.

Main elements of the TC are as follows:
1. NFL: approaches, methods, limits, competences
2. Learning & NFE: what is learning; YouthPass & 8 key competencies framework; youthwork
3. DesignLab: developing new educational tools
4. Implementation phase: teamwork, facilitation, debriefing, practical considerations
5. Tools for efficient communication and interpersonal support: feedback, strength‐based
coaching and mentoring
6. Follow up: planning follow-up activities – in order to ensure impact and relevance
7. Assessment and evaluation techniques
8. Personal, professional and organizational development: self-assessment
9. Fostering of new partnerships and projects focusing on competences development.

This opportunity is offered to 22 less experienced youth workers, volunteers, staff and members of
organizations and other non-formal learning practitioners that are active in youth work at all
levels, either professionally or voluntarily that want to improve their practice, gain a deeper
understanding of the process and be provided with set of competencies needed to competently
design and facilitate youth activities; that is to become youth workers, trainers, and facilitators in the
nonformal education field, while being willing to take an active part in every step of this project.

The participants should be 18+, with no upper age limit.

Please read the info pack YWB carefully.

If you are interested in applying, complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZhYN07fm5vZMCTbIsCX8gJsDt0YWc5_lz8kPQ-61MfY/viewform?ts=5b338816&edit_requested=true.