Youth Exchange in Trento, Italy- Call for 6 participants

Youth Exchange in Trento, Italy- Call for 6 participants

Youth Exchange in Trento, Italy- Call for 6 participants

YOUTH EXCHANGE PROJECT DRAMA - Dancing to Raise Awareness towards iMmigrAtion, 14/06-21/06

6 participants ( 5  youngsters between 18 and 25 years old & 1 group leader without age limit)

APV (Advance Plan Visit) ONLY FOR THE GROUP LEADER date: May 3rd in Trento Italy

Participants will be involved in preparing a dance performance on the theme of immigration through a training program which will last approximately 7 days.


  • Foster the personal growth of the participants through non-formal educational experience allowing them to develop special skills and attitudes such as: work in groups, take responsibility, develop adaptability,
  • Get in touch with different cultures, encouraging dialogue and promoting mutual understanding
  • Encourage reflection on the theme of immigration through the art form of dance. The participants involved in the project will build a show that will: 1. accompany them in the acquisition of a better awareness of themselves and their bodies, 2. address complex issues like immigration, getting involved personally to capture feelings and experiences related to this issue, making them their own, in order to be returned to the stimulate reflection and raise public awareness about this issue
  • Knowing people who work in associations that work in field of immigration at local level: they will explain the phenomenon of immigration in Italy and in Trentino,  the projects to enhance immigrants' social integration in the local community, the issues that are handled, the opportunity to meet people who have lived in first experience of
  • Raising awareness of the European Union's Erasmus + program, in particular the value of youth exchange in terms of soft skills acquired through non-formal education projects

If you are interested in participating as a group leader (no age limit), you will have to participate both in the APV (May 3rd in Trento Italy)  and the youth exchange (June 14th to June 21st in Trento Italy)

Travel costs  covered up to 270 euros.  Youth leaders will have reimbursement also for the APV tickets (actual cost, up to the same amount of the YE)

Accommodation and food costs covered by the host organisation

Please read the infopack carefully before applying!

To apply, please send the applications to until 02/04/2017

Don’t forget to put as “subject” of your email ''Application for the YE DRAMA in Trento''

If you are applying for the position of the group leader, please mention that in  your email.

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Application Form

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