Youth Exchange in Bologna- Call for a Group Leader!!!

Youth Exchange in Bologna- Call for a Group Leader!!!

Play Sport: Feel Good, CALL for a Group Leader, NO age limit!!!

Preparation meeting (APV): 20-22 May 2017

Youth Exchange, 23 June-1 July 2017, Municipality of Sala Bolognese, Bologna, Italy

The project was born after the realization of the need to act regarding the Sport Education in the various European communities. It is true that many youngsters are less involved in sport activities due to the teaching methodology. Apart from that, there are other factors that contribute to that, such as the lack of free time, the increasing addiction to the technology and the presence of conflict and high competition inside the sport environments. The participants of this youth exchange will define more precisely the issues concerning this topic. They will work on developing non formal methodology in order to turn sport education more inclusive, fair and equal for everyone. They will work in groups in order to find new methodologies for teaching sports and they will implement them locally.

The YE will be hosted in "Casa Largaiolli", a building property of the Municipality of Sala Bolognese, really close to Bologna.

Participant’s profile:

  • Minimum age: 18 – Maximum age: 25/ No age limit for the group leader
  • Experience in sports
  • Motivation to use the acquired methods in their work
  • Good level of English language
  • Preferable participants: young people active within their organizations and with experience in the topic of the youth exchange, young people with experiences in the field of Erasmus+ project.

If you are interested in participating as a group leader (no age limit), you will have to participate both in the APV on 20-22 May 2017 and the youth exchange on 23 June until 1 July. The travel costs are up to 270 euros for each one.

Travel costs  covered up to 270 euros

Accommodation and food costs covered by the host organization

To apply, please send an email to ASAP

Don’t forget to put as “subject” of your email “Application for Play sport: feel good”.

 If you are applying for the position of the group leader, please also mention that in the subject of your email.

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