"Youth and the City" 2 months volunteering in Rzeszow, Poland.

"Youth and the City" 2 months volunteering in Rzeszow, Poland.

“Youth and the City” 2 months volunteering in Rzeszow, Poland.

We are looking for motivated candidates passionate about working either with people or with media and technologies for the project "Youth and the City" run by Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”.

Project description:

- organizing workshops for local youth,

- hosting open events such as country presentations or language cafe's,

- visiting schools and promoting Erasmus Plus program, or delivering workshops about culture, human rights, youth opportunities, volunteering,

- hosting a radio show about youth, culture and education,

- helping us with administrative works in the office,

- working with media, photography, film,

- writing articles, taking pictures of our events,

- leading our social media, creating promo videos, movie,

- initiating own projects/events/activities.


Round II: Nov - Dec '19 (2 months)
Round III January - February 2020 (2 months)
Round IV March - April 2020 (2 months)

Accommodation, food and travel expenses are fully covered by the programme.
Please read carefully the Info Pack

If you are interested please send your CV and motivation letter to
evs@yeu-cyprus.org and to joanna@goinpro.org Deadline: 25th of October for round II. For round III the deadline is on the 20th of December and for the IV round, on the 28th of February.