Your voice matters YE in Milcoveni, Romania |23 October 01 November 2019

Project Description

Our aim is to provide a more complex picture about how democracy (should) work in daily life, what it means to be active citizen, and how the young people can become a conscious, active part in their society. We would like to make the participants to be more aware about their rights and in Human Rigths in general, to help them become socially engaged and to feel more European.

  • To inform and raise the participants’ awareness about human rights and active citizenship
  • To develop the participants’ competences and skills on critical thinking, social and cultural competences, cooperation, sense of initiatives and communication in foreign language.
  • To encourage them to think about social issues and not be afraid to share their opinion, thereby make them active part of their societies.


We are looking for 6 persons (18-25) and one group leader to participate in this Youth Exchange

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 275 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the info pack

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  until 24/09

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