Youngsters Trail seminar in Finland 30/10 – 05/11/2021

Youth Centre Villa Elba organizes a seminar in Kokkola, Finland 30.10-5.11.2021. The training course gathers participants from 10 different organisations together to discuss and develop how to evaluate and make visible the impact of international youth work.

This seminar is a follow-up seminar for Youngsters trail -training course which was held at Martinique 2019. During that training course we learned about how to support young people to take part in international projects and how to support their during the projects. But we have acknowledged that it is also important to assess and evaluate
more what is the actual impact of our projects. What kind of tools and practices can be used for this and how can we as organisations and as a network make impact more visible.

Our goal is to address how we define impact, how we are evaluating it from individual, organisational and local point of view, and what kind of possibilities there is to make the impact more visible. During the seminar we will use various working methods such as group working, presentations, field visits, lecture, discussions etc.


We are looking for 2 participants that live in Cyprus.

The seminar is aimed for participants working in the participating organisations and with their international youth work projects. Participants should be persons who are in charge on evaluating impact in their international youth work projects and who are able to bring forward information, ideas and cooperation formed during the seminar. Participants should also be able to share their own good practises, and have enough english skills to fully participate to the programme.


Participants should check about the possible travelling restrictions concerning entering from their country to Finland. If you need self-quarantine or testing here in Finland, then it is not possible to participate in our seminar, as we can’t provide quarantine or testing during the seminar days due the short time period of the seminar.


  • Accommodation is organized in Youth Centre Villa Elba in cozy and warm cottages for 4-8 persons
  • Towel and bed linen are included, so there is no need to bring them along
  • We serve breakfast, lunch, coffee break, dinner and evening snack. Inform about your special diets and allergies in the registration form. The kitchen in Elba makes special food only for those who order it, and that is why it
    is not possible to choose between vegetarian and other dishes. You must cover extra coffee, drinks or snacks.
  • Smoking is allowed only during free time but only at the smoking area. We do not sell either cigarettes or alcohol at the centre. Drinking alcohol in public areas in Villa Elba is not allowed.

Please carefully read the INFO PACK before Applying.


The Schedule of Activities can be found here:

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