Project description

The PRAHDA (Reception and Accommodation Program for Asylum Seekers) of St Aulaye and the association Ami24Ouest are our partners for the INVOLVE project which aims to allow people coming from countries outside Europe to better integrate in our territory and to meet the local social environment, in particular by taking part in voluntary activities in favor of the environment and the heritage. It is in parallel with this project that we will intervene in the shared garden that we have started to set up, and in the courtyard of PRADHA. We will create furniture in order to make these spaces pleasant and make local people want to use them. We will also take time to organize moments of life and animation with the families and the local inhabitants and to discover the territory. Friendly moments with very local people and newcomers will allow us to exchange on our cultures, to better discover and meet each other and to fight against prejudices while building a welcoming environment for all.

What are you going to do?

Construction of outdoor furniture and planters made of recycled materials, and creation of local intercultural animations. You will work approximately 6 half-days a week, divided between time in the garden and time spent with families in the area.

Activity period: from 26. 9 to 8. 10. 2021

Accommodation and food:

You will be welcomed in the vacation village of St Vincent Jalmoutiers, 5 KM away from the workcamp place. You will sleep in collective rooms in small chalets of 6 people. The meals will be cooked and taken in collective, you will be able to take turns to prepare good dishes, so come with your recipes!!

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Project description

Ile d’Aix is a small pedestrian island located in the North Atlantic ocean. Marked by an eventful maritime past, this island contains lots of places steeped in history, especially the Fort Liedot, which was built by Vauban and classified as a historical monument. This town is a loyal partner of the association Solidarités Jeunesses. In fact, for several years now, l’île d’Aix has hosted international workcamps.

What are you going to do?

This year, you will work on the restoration of the large west stone shooting site, which faces the Liédot Fort. The work will consist in de-vegetating the site in order to start traditional masonry work on rubble walls. You will also have to replace the stones, to jut in and join with hydraulic lime.

Activity period: from  27. 9.  to 18. 10. 2021

Accommodation and food

In group, indoors, on the island at the accommodation center Armand Fallières. Food will be prepared by the volunteers themselves in turns. You will create your own menus and “kitchen teams”.

For more information read the infopack.

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