We are all humans -“solidarity on air” -TRAINING COURSE IN CZECHIA and EVALUATION MEETING


By combining the human library method and podcasting techniques we can make people think and help them to see different points of view, especially in the online world where we can see or hear hateful or stereotypical views on an everyday basis.

Our objective is to show youth workers the potential of using a combination of non-formal education methods and modern techniques. We believe that all this can be combined in the creation of a solidarity project aimed at breaking down stereotypes in society through dialogue in an online environment with a person suffering from prejudice in society.

Travel costs

This project is financed by the Erasmus+ program. Food, accommodation are fully
covered. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to the limits, mentioned below. The travel costs are valid for both mobilities(training course, youth exchange):

Czech Republic: 20 EUR
Portugal: 360 EUR
Serbia: 275 EUR
Lithuania: 275 EUR
Greece: 275 EUR
Bulgaria: 275 EUR
Cyprus: 360 EUR
Romania: 275 EUR
Estonia: 275 EUR

Serbia: 35 EUR


For the training course, you will be accommodated in the guest house called Penzionu u Výletů. The venue is situated in the village Moravec. The toilets and the showers are shared.




20. 02. 2022 – 01. 03. 2022


3 youth workers per each country, 18+ y. o.

For more information, visit the infopack.

To apply, fill in the form.

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