Volunteering Opportunity- kindergarten in Velo Vocha, Greece

The Organization Orfeas is currently looking for one volunteer for their Kindergarten program in the municipality Velo-Vocha. This program includes three different kindergartens, the kindergarten of Velo, the kindergarten of Zevgolatio and the one in Vrahati. Velo, Zevgolatio and Vrahati are three small towns situated approximately one hour from Athens. The volunteering service will have a duration of six months.
The kindergartens of the Municipality of Velo-Vocha host children in between 2- 5 years old and the volunteers are expected to help in the everyday work of the kindergarten.

The aims of the project are the introduction of new activities created by the volunteers for the daily life of the children, the promotion and contact of new cultures and the development of the artistic abilities of the children by helping the teachers in the kindergarten with their activities.

The main tasks of the volunteers are:
• assisting the teachers, e.g. organise the classroom, prepare the teaching
• supporting the learning process of the children
• helping in the fine-art workshop, painting lessons and theatrical workshop
• participating in outdoor activities based on the season and the teaching plan
• helping the staff of the kindergarten with the everyday schedule
• be an active member of the team

We are looking for social and open-minded people who are:
• responsible and patient
• creative
• positive
• interested to work with children
• able to cooperate with the qualified staff of the kindergarten

The project starts in March 2020 until September 2020 (6 months).

How to apply: send CV and motivation letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org.
Application deadline: 23rd of March.

Below you can find the info pack with all the information you may need about this opportunity.

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