Volunteering opportunity in Poland - BRODNICA - We give our time to people in need.

Volunteering opportunity in Poland - BRODNICA - We give our time to people in need.

Volunteering opportunity in Poland – BRODNICA – We give our time to people in need.

Brodnickie Centrum Caritas is looking for two volunteers in a six-month activity in Brodnica, Poland. Activity could begin any time, preferably in January 2020 but no later than 1st of June 2020.

The chosen volunteer will take part in everyday activities of the Hosting Organization, working with groups at risk of social exclusion. Brodnica is a small county town. In the provinces, access to high-quality social activities is at least hampered. The Hosting Organization perfectly fills this gap and covers not only Brodnica, but also the surrounding villages.

Volunteers will:

  • Work with people with disabilities who are normally under the care of the Home of Self-help. This is a place where these people, including those with mental disorders, can learn new skills, develop their passions, spend time with other people, in which they will feel safe, will be able to learn how to function in society. Volunteers will have 9 workshops at their disposal (including stained glass, tailoring, carpentry, fusing), they will work with 45 disabled people.
  • Work with young people from rural areas. The youth, which the volunteers will deal with, are taught and lived in Brodnica on a daily basis, but come from small towns. Volunteers will be encouraged to creatively organize the time for the residents of the School Dormitory with ex. thematic meetings, physical activities, extra-curricular activities, cultural activities, therapeutic sessions and many other activities that help to break passive life attitude and actively enter into adult life are organized.
  • An additional element of the Volunteer's activity will be meetings in schools with young people. This is an important element of promoting ESC and the Erasmus + program, but also integrating volunteers with the local community. The topics of the meetings will be agreed in advance with the teacher, volunteer and students - via the Supporting Organization. It will address problems that affect and interest young people: the situation on the labor market, roads and prospects for personal and professional development, political, economic and social situation in Europe, stereotypes, migration and cultural minorities in Europe, as well as the idea of European Solidarity Corps and its benefits, differences (especially cuisine, customs and etiquette) between Poland and the countries of origin of the volunteer.

Volunteer profile:

  • needs to be prepared to work with disabled people (mental disability)
  • patient and open to proteges’ needs
  • ready to contact with young people from Dormitory and encourage them to speak english
  • creative, full of ideas
  • trustworthy

The Volunteer would have a great opportunity to learn independence, responsibility for work and acquire communication skills. In contact with people in need, with their limitations and barriers, they will have the opportunity to value their own attitudes.

For other information about the project and the living conditions (pocket money, accommodation, etc.) refer to the infopack attached below.

To apply send CV and motivation letter, at evs@yeu-cyprus.org before the 13th of April 2020.