Volunteering Opportunity in Poland

The Foundation of Social Integration Prom from Wroclaw, Poland has an open call for a long-term project called “Be Brave” under the European Solidarity Corps.

Participant’s profile:

The volunteer must:

  • be 18 to 30 years old
  • have not done any European Voluntary Service / European Solidarity Corps project before.


  • preparing and leading online and offline intercultural workshops (including teaching languages) for local children, host families, volunteers, Brave Kids staff;
  • research and maintain contact with specific artistic groups;
  • coordination of elements of the program
  • create and update documents for project
  • writing descriptive and promotional materials for the project
  • managing expectations, collecting necessary paperwork, helping to arrange logistics

Accommodation, Food and Pocket money allowance:

  • Accommodation: shared room with internet access
  • Food allowance: 90 euros monthly
  • Pocket money allowance: 120 euros monthly


  • improve your language skills
  • learn how to work in a group and resolve conflicts
  • have a better understanding of cultural differences and the ability to accept them
  • develop a sense of entrepreneurship by carrying out independent activities under the supervision of tutor
  • improve digital competences by using different applications on the computer
  • develop self-organized activities, learn how to plan and manage your time and finances
  • learn how to promote a project and its results

Duration and deadline for applying:

  • Duration: 1st of March 2021/ or 1st of April (depends on pandemic restrictions) – November 2021
  • Deadline: 19 of February 2021

Please complete the questionnaire and and send your CV (with a picture) and motivation letter at evs@yeu-cyprus.org.

For more information please read carefully the call

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