Volunteering Opportunity in France

The mission of the project:

The volunteer will act for the development of the cycling in the municipality of Rouillon and educate on the environment and sustainable development through various actions. What is expected by the volunteer is to: *Encourage school children and any user of public highway to use green transport to go to work or school (walking bus, cycling bus). Promote safer transport. *Develop projects for cycles: cycles paths, self-service bikes, etc. *Encourage parents and children to use other means of transport.
* Organize information sessions and workshops on sustainable environment for children during summer camps, schools times and school holidays. *Raise awareness among the inhabitants about eco-friendly best practices and greener habits (recycling, energy consumption, gardening, etc.). *Launch field and communication actions through the website of the city, billboards, the local magazine, etc. * Support the Youth City Council in launching eco-friendly projects for the city a and any other action developed on your own initiative!
In addition the volunteer will participate in the organization of the Fête de l’Europe with the eight other European volunteers hosted in Sarthe. Together, they can organize events within their structures.

Duration of the project: 4/01/2021-3/1/2022

The volunteer will be hosted daily in the town hall of Rouillon, and more
particularly in the animation youth department during the year 2021 but this project will be coordinated by the Maison de l’Europe, allowing the volunteer to participate more broadly in actions to promote European citizenship together with 8 other volunteers in which: 6 volunteers are hosted in local boarding schools, 1 volunteer is hosted in a high school, and 1 volunteer is hosted in the association Maison de l’Europe. These 9 volunteers will be able to carry out common projects, especially during the Europe Day in May.

Welcoming a young person who knows the very innovative practices of certain European countries in order to implement them naturally on a daily basis, will be a real plus for the mission. Also, the project and organization encourages a volunteer to apply from whom they would learn from this young person to “green” their practices. They could inspire our agents, our children, our citizens. For several years, the municipality has been investing for the environment in a transversal way in services, and this project would fully strengthen that investment.

To apply for this opportunity please read carefully the info-pack and send you CV, an intro video about yourself and the application filled in at: evs@yeu-cyprus.org.

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