Volunteering Opportunities in Slovakia

The organization Bratislava Volunteer Centre (BVC) is currently looking for volunteers to join three ESC volunteering projects in Slovakia.

Little Seeds for Solidarity II

Duration: 15 October-September 2021.

This project aims to support the activities of DC Hlavicka a small kindergarten in Slovakia. Through this project space will be given for the ESC participant to work in the following areas: work directly with kids in the kindergarten by organizing educational activities and games, bring ideas and work on ones own project which will be addressed to children development, help with community events by organizing, help with administrative work in the office and in cooperation with members of the team of DC Hlavička, cooperate on other activities of DC Hlavička with the staff. ‘

Grow with a Little Mole 

Duration: 15 October-September 2021

This project aims to support the activities of RC Krtko a kindergarten in Slovakia. Through this project a volunteer will have to help the staff with the preparation of educational activities and games for children-outdoor and indoor activities, teaching kids English through various activities and games, playing with the children, assisting with the hygiene and the well-being of the children, preparation of materials for the parents involvement in the kindergarten.

Out of the Shell II                                                

Duration: 15 October-September2021

The volunteer selected would work at Ulita. Ulita is a nonprofit/ non-governmental organization whose aim is to increase quality of life of children and young people living in urban communities. By providing free time activities, counseling and education, Ulita works on children‘s and young people‘s needs. They involve neighborhood residents into the community activities and keeping care of the public space. They realize activities by means of streetwork, and club activities in the Community Centre. Ulitas activities are built on low-threshold principles and individual approach to the client and his/her needs in actual life situation. Their main target group is children and young people living in Kopčany neighborhood and their team consists of psychologist, social pedagogues and social workers. Their work is based on activities such as: outreach work in the neighborhood, educational program and club activities for different age groups and also various sport and cultural activities, like play days in the neighborhood.

For those interested in participating in the above mentioned projects, please carefully read their info-packs and send us your CV and motivation letter at evs@yeu-cyprus.org as soon as possible.

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