Volunteering Opportunities in France

Solidarités Jeunesses offers 2 opportunities for short-term volunteering projects.

The volunteer has the opportunity:

1. either taking part in one of the workcamps (the activities are descripted in detail in the infopack)



“Solidarity summer 2”: Activityperiod: 18- 31/07 Location: Tende, Alpes-Maritimes                                                         The old Rosans’ path and its treasures”:  Activity period: 23/07- 07/08   Location: Rosans south of France
 “Historical wandering in Clausonne Abbay 2”:  Activity period: 24/07- 7/08  Location: The Clausonne Abbey , 4km of the village of Saix                                                                                                                                                                   “Vintage Dance and Music Festival « the 60’s in France »”:  Activity period: 28/07- 18/08 Location: Sem and Vol  “Mountain holiday Chalets for all 2″: Activity period: 28/07 -17/08  Location: Le Hameau de Vaunières                  “The Pinson Mound Redoubt”:  Activityperiod: 31/07- 20/08  Location: The fort is located at the top of a small hill in the town of Montmagny
“On the way of encounters”: Activity period: 31/07- 20/08  Location: The fort is located at the top of a small hill in thetown of Montmagny


“Walls and people“ : Activity period: 5- 27/08 Location: “La Crèche, Deux-Sèvres”, 15 km north of “Niort”
“Immersion at Gîte du Rochard”: Activity period: 6-24/08 Location: “Béceleuf, Deux-Sèvres”, 20 km north of “Niort”
 “The dicovery of an abandoned village”: Activity period: 3-28/08  Location: Etoile Saint Cyrice is located in the South of France                                                                                                                                                                                  “The Mercantour silvermine 1”: Activity period: 15-28/08 Location: Tende, Alpes Maritimes


“Fouras’ Vauban Fort”:  Activity period: 2-23/09 Location: Fouras-les-Bains, Charente-Maritime                   “Montendre’s lake agroforestry development”: Activity period: 3-24/09  Location: “Montendre, Charente-Maritime” “The real story behind Arzeliers’ castle”: Activity period: 5-18/09 Location: Laragne                                                         “Together, let’s build the middle school wall”: Activity period: 7-28/09  Location: “Saint-Genis-De-Saintonge, Charente-Maritime”                                                                                                                                                              “Biodiversityby the lake”: Activity period: 10/09-01/10 Location: Leucate                                                                         “History of the Atlantic Coast 2 ”: Activity period: 27/09 – 18/10 Location: Le Maison de Bateleures                                 “Time travel in Maubec en Lomagne”: Activity period: 3-22/10  Location: Maubec in Laumagne

2. or volunteering for a period of time between 3 weeks and 2 months by taking part in the daily activities in one of their 8 hosting centers

For more information please read carefully the infopack and contact evs@yeu-cyprus.org with your CV.

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