Viseu Jovem 2.0 mid-term volunteering opportunity in Viseu, Portugal |February

Viseu Jovem 2.0 mid-term volunteering opportunity in Viseu, Portugal |February

Viseu Jovem 2.0 mid-term volunteering opportunity in Viseu, Portugal |February

Viseu Jovem is a project created by Adamastor with partnership of Município of Viseu (City Council), to provide the youth citizens of the city of new opportunities like workshops, activities and volunteering but also provide information and non–formal education.

This project has two places for youth in the city, the Youth Center Fontelo and Youth Center Escadinhas, where they can study and take advantage of the opportunities.

Viseu Jovem is a space where diverse activities are dynamized , using the non-formal education method, aimed at to play their role as active citizens of society; digital competencies, weekly workshops of cultural sharing and tandem idioms, to assisting young people by giving them access to new experiences and acquiring new skills, environmental awareness workshops, to support youth being more active entrepreneurship, to promote
training`s ‘’learning by doing’’ andartistic and cultural activities.

The project aims are to encourage young people to be more participative in society, not only locally but also internationally. It is not easy to be in a work environment here the challenges are constant and creating team spirit is something that becomes even more complicated. At Adamastor, we try every day to do this work with young people, so that they learn to work as a team and with people from different cultures and social backgrounds. With the volunteers we believe that we can spread this feeling of European community and that our community will be valued with this help.

The project goals are:

*to increase the knowledge in European Union project management related to Youth, Culture and Citizenship Deep knowledge about the EU policies involving Youth,
*empowering and development of a sense of ownership, acquiring and understanding of their wider communities,
*development of capabilities in a transversal way Ability to be participative and active in the society,
*ability for planning and achieve objectives and anticipated learning outcomes.

We are looking for a one volunteer for 45+2 days from February.

Start in February 2020.

If you are interested, please send your CV and motivation letter to and fill out the Application Form.

Deadline is on the 14th of February 2020.