Training course in Croatia: Youth work for inclusion

Training course in Croatia: Youth work for inclusion

Training course in Croatia: Youth work for inclusion

Project description

With this project we want to encourage people - especially youth workers - to improve their competence in creating, selecting and adapting non-formal education methods to improve their work with disadvantaged young people. By using NFE we want to show how engaging learning can be, how quickly you can motivate youth and especially how much empowerment can NFE bring to disadvantaged groups of young people.

The implementation of what you have learned during this training course will continue after the project activity. You will have a mentor avaliable for 2 months after the projects ends to help you with the implementation.


Ocean Znanja – Ocean of Knowledge in English - is a non-profit non-governmental organization that functions as a platform for young people. The aim of the platform is to help young people reach their full potential, learn and grow, develop their personal and professional skills and be active participants in creating the society in which they want to live. We want to encourage young people to become active participants in society through education and local activism. We offer them the space and the opportunity to perfect their skills outside the education system and spend their free time in a useful and creative atmosphere.


During the training, the participants will be accommodated in a hotel in Prelog city, called “Panorama”. Participants will share rooms with 2 people of same gender but different nationalities. Each room has it's own toilet and shower.

Location: Croatia, city Prelog

Activity period: 11th of December - 20th of December 2021

Travel tickets covered (a limit of 275 EUR will be covered)

Participants profile: we are looking for Youth workers/Educators/Teachers who are involved in daily activities of the work with youth and are interested to develop networking projects in this field. Participants have to be at least 18 years old and fluent in English.

How to apply? Fill in the form.

For more information read the Infopack or contact us by email:, by telephone: 99573646

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