Training course in Armenia: SIGMA

Training course in Armenia: SIGMA

Training course in Armenia: SIGMA

Project description

The Training Course "SIGMA - Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming in Youth Work” aims at building capacities of youth workers and youth educators in addressing gender issues and mainstreaming gender into the policies and activities of partner organizations. Additionally, the project aims at incorporating gender- sensitive approaches to their work with young people and the youth work provided by their organizations. The Training Course seeks to build and improve the knowledge and understanding of participants on different concepts related to gender, examine customs, roles and gender attitudes in different countries and societies as well as focus on feminist movements and ideologies, and equality feminism (difference feminism). Moreover, Training Course will help the participants to understand the need for comprehension of gender equality in all the domains, including economic and political equality, equal access to rights and freedom from oppressive gender stereotyping.


Armenian Progressive Youth (APY) was founded in Yerevan, Armenia in 2009. Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (APY) has been working with young people since for 10 years. Our mission is to promote active citizenship and active political and economic participation of young people in civic life, to economically empower marginalized youth and promote youth entrepreneurship, to increase the activism of young people and contribute to the development of civil society in Armenia.


During the training, the participants will be accommodated in double rooms in a hotel. Two participants will share a room with a private bathroom. Three meals and two coffee breaks per day will be provided. The participants will inform the organizers about their dietary needs in the application form, so the staff can arrange the menu according to their needs.

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Activity period: from 1st to 9th of December, 2021

Travel tickets covered (a limit of 275 EUR will be covered)

Participants profile: We are looking for youth workers, young people working with and/or for young people, educators etc. ranging from 18 to 30, fluent in English.

How to apply? Fill the form.

For more information read the Infopack below or contact us by email:, by telephone: 99573646.

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