The EVS experience of Chrystalla Tsoutsouki in Molfetta, Italy (InCo and CLAD Terlizzi)

“My EVS in Italy was a big lesson for my life. It is an experience I will never forget. I developed a lot of skills that I would not have developed in any other case. We were living with 3 and 4 different people in the same place. You learn how to put back your needs, to be organized and accept difference. My first 2-3 months were difficult because of the language barrier. No one speaks English in the South of Italy. But this was also a big motivation to start learning this amazing language. I met really interesting people, I experienced the Italian cuisine that truly is one of the best in the world and I traveled a lot around Italy. Most importantly, I was working with people with disabilities in an organization. I learned lot from those people that one cannot imagine but I also learned from their instructors. It is overall, an experience I will never forget”

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