Schumann Solidarity Crew – An ESC Opportunity in Poland

The Polish Robert Schumann Foundation is searching for 3 volunteers who would like to join their European Solidarity Corps project “Schuman Solidarity Crew” from October 2020 to June/August 2021 in Poland.

Volunteers will be hosted in two different hosting organizations:

  • One volunteer to a Primary Integrative School number 318 in Warsaw
  • Two volunteers will go to European School Club in Wojkowice in the Silesian Region

Volunteers profile:

Volunteers aged between 18 and 30 years, legally residing in one of the participating and partner countries (including Cyprus).
No specific knowledge, skills or experience is required as the necessary ones can be acquired during the project. This is an opportunity not necessarily for experienced volunteers, but for those who would learn a lot during the service in a particular hosting organization and are strongly motivated.
Apart from personal motivation of volunteers a requirement is the volunteers’ strong will of learning Polish language. Volunteers will be selected that know a few crucial phrases: they will work with children with disabilities and youth, which often do not speak English well or any other language.

Description of the projects:

The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation

Project duration: 9 months starting in October 2020
Searching for: One volunteer

Primary School number 318 is dedicated to children aged 6-14 and focuses on integration of kids with special needs and their emotional and social development. The school runs special integrative classes that are dedicated to kids with disabilities (autism, Asperger syndrome, physical disabilities, aphasia etc.) who can attend classes alongside other pupils without special needs. To support children with disabilities, school provides extra classes like: sensory integration, social skills training, psycho-educational classes, speech therapy and individual lessons.

Volunteers activities:

  • Assist and propose their activities for children (including children with special needs) in the school day-room.
  • Co-organize short art, sport handcraft, music, movement and/or language activities/workshops for groups of children in classes 0-5.
  • Participate in individual sensory integration sessions, psychoeducation, revalidation, speech therapy to get to know working methods with children with different disabilities.
  • Help pupils with less educational opportunities to prepare for classes and assist them during everyday activities.
  • Participate in organizing special events & trips outside the school to cinemas, theatres, neighbor kindergarten etc.
  • Contribute new ideas and prepare specific workshops for different classes with the support of the teacher like games & quizzes, sport activities, workshops about volunteer’s country and culture etc.

To apply for this opportunity please write on your application: APPLICATION PRIMARY SCHOOL 2020.

European Integration Club at the School Complex in Wojkowice.

Project duration: 9 months starting in October 2020
Searching for: Two volunteers.

European Integration Club is an informal union of students and teachers interested in the EU and other cultures. The priority of the EIC’s activities is intercultural, European and civic education of youth. Within the EIC workshops, school exchanges, debates on European topics are organized.
The volunteers’ will support the club in its activities connected to European & intercultural education and organize non-formal language learning activities in English/their mother tongues for high-school students.

Volunteers activities:

  • They will organize individual English/mother tongue conversations with members of the European Club and high school students and help them improve their language skills and increase awareness about their countries, cultures and current EU topics which the conversations will be dedicated to.
  • They will prepare presentations/workshops about Europe & EU, European values and cultural diversity, their countries, possibilities of mobilities in Europe and other topics of volunteers’ interests connected with the mission of the project.
  • They will promote international volunteering, for example during long breaks between lessons volunteers can organize activities in the hallway in school. They will have their own “volunteering corner”, where they can organize activities for students.
  • They will have the possibility to assist youth workers at local youth club for youth with difficult social backgrounds ”Tlen”, cooperate with a local primary school and kindergarten.
  • They volunteers will have space to develop own projects/propose own activities connected with the mission of “Schuman Solidarity Crew” project.

To apply for this opportunity please write on your application:

To apply, send the CV, motivational letter and application form you can find attached below to before the 24th of June 2020

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