SCALE - Meeting and Training in Helsinki and Stockholm |March and May

SCALE - Meeting and Training in Helsinki and Stockholm |March and May

SCALE – Meeting and Training in Helsinki and Stockholm |March and May

'SCALE- Assessing and shaping youth work from contextual perspectives' is an Erasmus+ KA2 programme which last 7 months and it is a series of 2 meetings, 2 online conferences and 1 training course


  • NEETs(Not in Education, Employment or Training) and RNEETs (Risk to become NEET) have a lot to learn and give to one another. Still, these groups interact too little. They have also hold important grass root information concerning social inclusion in different youth work contexts. RNEETs and professional working with them, have knowledge of the today's more proactive youth work culture that aims to support youngsters before problems arise or get worse, so that the young person might for example fall out from the school (these are called PROACTIVE CONTEXTS from now on). NEETs and professionals working with them have instead knowledge of today's more reactive youth work culture that is aiming to support both youth and young adults after the problems have risen (these are called REACTIVE CONTEXTS from now on).
  • Successful youth work in 2019 needs more knowhow of how to prevent R-NEET to falling out from the society (becoming NEET) and how to empower NEETs while they still are NEETs.
  • European youth work organizations must find new concrete solutions (both proactive and reactive) to respond to the psychosocial problems of the youngsters.
  • Empowerment of youth through peer groups and youth leadership is becoming more and more natural.
  • Profiles of the both RNEET and NEET is becoming more and more diverse because of the rising number of both refugee youngsters and families. Past years in Finland and Sweden have shown despite of the successful integration efforts, many of these people are still outsiders. Many suffer from loneliness and psychosocial problems. New quality youth work concepts must be able to empower RNEETs and NEETs despite of their background.


  • Youth who are in a Risk group of becoming NEET in the future (R-NEET)
  • Young adults who are NEET youngsters
  • Professionals working with the both groups


  • First Meeting: 5-8/03/2019, Helsinki
  • Training Course: 19-23/05/2019, Stockholm, Sweden (Accommodation: )
  • Second Meeting: 03-05/09/2019, Stockholm, Sweden (optional)

*Cost for food, accommodation and travel will be covered by the programme

We are looking for two participants who fit the target group to join this Erasmus+ project

Cyprus will be representative in the project from a team of three Cypriots, while the one will be representative of YEU Cyprus

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form and send it to

Application deadline: 20/02/2019