REACT: REsilience and Active Community Transformation

Tenerife, Spain

NEW DATES: 26.03 - 03.04. 2022

REACT is a project which aims to build resilience in young people around Europe, by empowering  them to actively participate in communities. We plan to promote the opportunities the European Solidarity Corps offers for youth participation in communities, through  the solidarity projects.

The project will help European youngsters to build their resilience in two ways: 

⯐ Sharing their knowledge and experiences to understand better the concept of resilience and why it is important in their lives. 

⯐ Learning about the ways to be more resistant, empowered, and autonomous  to take the initiative to create their projects and be more active in their  communities. 

We are looking for 5 participants from Cyprus who would like to join the project.

Participants profile:

▪ 4 participants and 1 group leader 

▪ participants with ages mainly between 20 – 25 years;  

▪ open-minded 

▪ interested in developing their skills and building resilience;  

▪ interested in social problems and the environment, and are concerned with contemporary politics; 

▪ never traveled abroad;  

▪ interest in getting out of their comfort zone, to learn new things; 

▪ proactive and committed to participate actively in all phases of the project  (preparation, youth exchange and follow-up); 

▪ basic level of English 

▪ gender balanced group 

*Please note that in order to participate participants must possess a valid EUDCC certificate

For more information and before you apply, read the infopack carefully!

To apply, please complete the relevant form.