Do you like working with kids?

Do you want to lead workshops for the local community?

Looks like this project is for you!

We’re looking for motivated volunteers to work in Polish public and private kindergartens and schools.

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Duration: 10 months

Mobility period: 1st of March 2022 – 31st of December 2022

Application deadline: 5th of January 2022

The host organization

The Foundation of Social Integration Prom was established in 2004. It assembles people of various professions: teachers, trainers, psychologists, ethnologists, historians, and sociologists. The team of our permanent co-operators consists of several dozens of active social activists. This professional variety very well reflects the character of our interests and activities including education, research on civil society, and culture.

Our common aim is the integration of persons and groups of people at risk of marginalization and social exclusion. We are united with the passion of our work and the belief we can shape reality.

We work on children and dysfunctional families, Roma minorities, and people with mental problems. We help students and graduates, also from abroad.

The basic form of the Foundation activities is the running of community centers for children. Both our establishments are of integration character. Five days a week Polish and Roma children can find additional help with their school subjects and take part in interesting workshops. We offer our wards the possibility of developing their passions and cultural traditions. The effect is an integration band, Terni Romani Bacht, where children learn not only dance and song but also tolerance.

The project

Prom Foundation is happy to invite you to join our “Proud volunteers” team. You are eligible to apply if you: – are 18-30 years old – haven’t done EVS/ESC project yet – have a clear criminal record Volunteers will work in public kindergartens (kids age 3-6) and private primary school at teacher’s assistant position with tasks: – Giving support for the activities of care, helping in self-help activities to young children, like dressing up, feeding, etc – Supporting children during didactic classes – Presenting own country through presentations, workshops aimed at children and parents – Creating different workshops according to interest and skills – Teaching foreign language (native or English) – promotion the project in the local community (picnics, fairs) and media (radio) Polish lessons are provided. Working hours: 35 per week. We are open to hosting people with fewer opportunities.


You will be provided with: • Monthly allowance=pocket money: 120 euro/month around 516 PLN • Food money: 420 PLN. This money is enough to buy basic food articles to cook at home, not to go to restaurants. • Local transportation ticket (for trams, buses, and night buses) • Place in a room shared with other volunteers or students (with Internet access, kitchen equipment, fresh towels, bedclothes, and blanket) • All the required medical examinations (except Covid19 test) * Reimbursement of the travel costs from the city of origin to Wroclaw and back

Training during the activity

Pre-departure training in your sending organization Preparatory 4-days workshops in Prom Foundation at the beginning of your stay in Poland On-arrival training in Warsaw (capital) or online due to pandemic Mid-term training (evaluation) in Toruń or online due to pandemic Language training: 4 school hours/week during first 2-3 months Basic health and safety training Workshops on the different methods of working with children (art, dances, creativity, according to ideas and interests of volunteers)

Volunteer’s profile

We would like to host people who: – love working with children – have some experience in work with kids/scouting/babysitting – are motivated to go abroad for a longer period of time – are creative and imaginative, have organizational skills – speak communicative English (concerning candidates to schools) – flexible, friendly, helpful – like to work in big groups – are responsible and trustworthy – want to learn the Polish language – able to do medical checkup – not appearing in the criminal record – are ready to work with the local community and to promote the project.

Please note that we are open to hosting volunteers with fewer opportunities, but only one of the host organizations has the infrastructure for people in wheelchairs. We already have experience with hosting disabled people with special needs.

To apply send your CV, motivation letter and a questionnaire to