"Proud volunteers for solidarity" - An ESC project in Poland

"Proud volunteers for solidarity" - An ESC project in Poland

“Proud volunteers for solidarity” – An ESC project in Poland

The Foundation of Social Integration Prom from Wroclaw, Poland is glad to announce an open call for a long-term project "Proud volunteers for solidarity" under the European Solidarity Corps scheme. YEU Cyprus is currently looking for interested volunteers to work in 9 different hosting organizations. Some volunteers will have the opportunity to choose between working in a kindergarten and a primary school. One volunteer will work for the Brave Kids Project. Please read carefully the criteria below and send us the fully completed documents needed in case you want to apply.

Duration of project: The project will start in October 2020 or as soon as possible and it will last for 9/10 months in total.


*Volunteers are not obligated to have any special qualifications to work with children, but experience in that field will be essential.

*A volunteer should be ready to work with a bigger group of children for a longer period of time, have an ability to establish positive relationships with children and adults and have basic knowledge of the development and needs of pre-school children.

*In addition to all of the above, the absolute advantage is having some interesting hobbies such as doing sports, art, dancing, playing in the theatre, doing circus tricks and playing an instrument or singing. This is due to the fact, that those kinds of classes are very popular and appreciated among our pupils.

*Having computer skills will be very useful in helping teachers too.

*Good organizational skills are crucial due to the importance of planning and leading volunteer's own activities and supporting important events.

*Being open and ready to share your own ESC experience with the local community during different events (picnics, festivals, conferences).

What you will gain:

*Increase your language skills (learn the basics of Polish language, deepen the knowledge of English);

*Learn how to work in a group and resolve conflicts if necessary (you will become more flexible and ready to adapt to changes in the environment after such a long stay in a foreign country);

*Have a better understanding of cultural differences and to be able to accept them;

*Learn many interesting ways/ methods of work with children, special games for different ages;

*Be more self-confident, responsible and mature;

*Become familiar with the Polish Education System and the needs of children of a pre-school age;

*Develop self-organized activities, learn how to plan and manage your time and finances;

*Through regular meetings with the mentor and analysis of progress you will find the most effective way(s) for you to learn;

*Observe work of different specialists (a speech therapist, a psychologist, etc.)

*Learn how to promote a project and its results/values within the local community by acting and make new friends!

To apply please send us your CV with a picture, motivation letter and fill in the “ESC Questionnaire'' to evs@yeu-cyprus.org.

Deadline for application mid October the latest.