Peers for Equality TC in Arad and Ramnicu Valcea, Romania| 23-30 of March and 19-25 of October

Peers for Equality TC in Arad and Ramnicu Valcea, Romania| 23-30 of March and 19-25 of October

Peers for Equality TC in Arad and Ramnicu Valcea, Romania| 23-30 of March and 19-25 of October

Description of the project

As a member of the European Peer Training Organisation, a network of European youth and youth-serving organisations who adhere to a common vision of supporting “people to enjoy learning from each other how to embrace their differences and realize their unique potential”, Ofensiva Tinerilor is involved significantly in delivering solutions to the phenomenon of discrimination on various grounds. For the last 10 years, they have been active in the field of anti- discrimination education, ceaselessly building capacities for peer trainers and youth organisations to tackle prejudice and exclusion in their own environments. Their programs reach over 1000 young people every year, mostly from the Arad region but also from different European countries (as together with other members and partners they aim to contribute to the prevention of discrimination,
intolerance and inequality of all kind by unleashing the impactful potential of peer training in creating peaceful spaces of dialogue). Hence, the proposed project is a continuation of their work, focused on the direction of gender based discrimination.

"Peers for Equality" comes as a response to the identified need in form of a Mobility for Youth workers with 2 training modules that will take place, the 1st one in Arad and the 2nd in Ramnicu Valcea Romania.

1st module - Thematic Awareness Training (TAT) – a 6-day initial training for youth and youth workers, tackling the training topic, aiming to stimulate the acquisition of social competences that foster ownership of the fundamental values of non-discrimination and equality between genders.

2nd module - Train the Trainer – a 5-day training for peer trainers who have attended a TAT and wish to improve their facilitation skills so that they can replicate the process back in their local environment, by facilitating thematic workshops on the topic, using the P4E methodology

In the 1st module the project will host 22 participants coming from a total of 11 partners from all over Europe.

In the 2nd module, the participants that gained some experience in working with persons with disabilities will discover how to teach others to be more inclusive in their work. This “Train the Trainer” will give them the chance to develop their facilitation skills and to learn how to develop a training program that addresses inclusion.

The 2nd module will host again 22 participants coming from a total of 11 partners. The participants should have participated in the 1st training as well and should be able to use the gained experience in their work inside the NGO.


We are looking for 2 participants to participate in that opportunity

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 275 euros for traveling cost.

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form until 27/01