” Peers for Equality ” || Online course for youth workers

In Dec 2018 the Council of the European Union expressed its concerns and  manifested its expectations from the European Commission to foster and  promote gender equality in formal, informal and non-formal education by taking  appropriate steps to ensure that all youth workers and educators are provided  with adequate competences in the areas of gender equality and that they can  update their competences throughout their careers.

The program embeds work practices though which peer educators can change  the mentality of young people for understanding the importance of gender  equality and was tested in over 15 communities (both from Europe & Central  Asia), and on more than 200 beneficiaries showing great potential for changing  the mentalities of young people, especially in terms of: 

  • Developing critical thinking with respect to traditions and stereotypes  that contradict human rights, especially in relation to gender. 
  • Empowering the participants to face the existing social pressure that  fosters this form of discrimination. 
  • making them aware of the negative implications of gender discrimination – helping them become, in general, more tolerant and more open to  diversity. 

1st module Thematic Awareness Training (TAT) – a 8-day initial online training  for youth and youth workers, tackling the training topic, aiming to stimulate the  acquisition of social competences that foster ownership of the fundamental  values of non-discrimination and equality between genders. 

2nd moduleTrain the Trainera 8-day training for peer trainers who have  attended a TAT and wish to improve their facilitation skills so that they can  replicate the process back in their local environment, by facilitating thematic  workshops on the topic, using the P4E methodology   

We are looking for 2 participants that live in Cyprus, trainers and youth workers who want  to explore further and acquire more skills in organising activities and future workshops based on gender equality and anti discrimination through peer  education. The common denominator of the participants will be their personal  and professional need and honest willingness to deal concretely with the topic and take effective social action after the training:

Part 1 – 06.05.2021 – 09.05.2021 for around 4.5 hours/daily including breaks 
Part 2 – 13.05.2021 – 16.05.2021 for around 4.5 hours/daily including breaks 

Please carefully read the Info Pack before applying:

To apply please complete the following form: https://forms.gle/qpbrtzuW45M6PdXw9

Deadline for Application: 25th of April 2021

  • It is very important for participants that will apply, to be able to attend both training modules as well as organise the workshops foreseen in the project between the two training courses. Participants will be asked to implement an activity in their local communities (e.g. organising an anti-discrimination workshop), ensuring the dissemination of the project at community level.  YEU Cyprus will support their participants in organising the local activities. 

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