Open Call: Recognise to Empathise

Training Course | Rajgród, POLAND

The training course “Recognize to Empathize” is an Erasmus+
 mobility for youth workers whose main aim is to raise awareness about the importance of well-developed
 emotional awareness in youth work. This project was
 developed to address the need for better recognition of our own
 and others' emotions and their expression through youth work
through non-formal education methodology activities.

Participants will take part in non-formal education workshops that will help them
 reflect on their own emotional awareness and understand its significance in
 youth work. They will develop knowledge, skills and attitude in the field of
 emotional awareness, after which they will create new non-formal education
 methods that can be used in their youth work after the project mobility.
Participants will take active part in their learning process through all phases of the
 project and they will develop themselves both in personally and professionally.

Some of the project goals are:
-Exploring the concept of emotional awareness and finding a common
 understanding of it in the context of youth work;
-Facilitating development of emotional awareness needed for successful
 dialogue and empowerment of young people from their communities;
-Sharing good and bad youth work practices in relation to emotional
 awareness and learning from each other's experiences;
-Creating new methods and tools for young people’s emotional awareness
 based on non-formal and informal learning methodology;
-Promoting  networking within the Erasmus+ programme and strengthen
ing the cooperation between the partner organizations for the future projects.

Participants Profile: 
-minimum 18 years old;
-youth workers, volunteers, educators or someone who wants
 to work with youth in the future;
-youth workers with
 fewer opportunities (facing social, geographical
 and economic obstacles);
-motivated to learn and share their knowledge and experiences
 with others in the group;
-willing to share what they have learnt with other youth workers
 and young people of similar background and initiate   activities
 in local communities after returning home.

If you are interested in taking part in the project, please read the infopack carefully.

To apply, please complete this form.