With this project, we target to empower young marginalized people to be more active citizens through the importance of the tradition that comes from small communities such as islands and improve their sense of belonging to the European family by examining some problems the participants face in their communities.

Through this exchange, we are aiming to spread the tradition of different islands that could be forgotten due to their size and location, and offer a common space of debate and exchange of ideas to enhance the quality of living of young people who live on islands. This project will enhance participants’ skills in various themes related to social inclusion, active participation, creativity, and communication skills.

We are looking for 5 participants aged 18-30 + 1 group leader with no age limit.

We are ready to host 40 participants from 6 different countries (Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Italy & Portugal)! The youth exchange is going to be 24-31 of August – 8 days of activities (+2 travel days) in the beautiful mountains of Pedoulas, a village in the Nicosia District of Cyprus. There is no participation fee for this Youth Exchange.

The youth exchange objectives include fostering active participation and social and civic responsibility at the local and European level by engaging young people with EU values through non-formal educational activities (tolerance, solidarity, etc). Promoting creativity and innovation as well as digital skills through the use of different software during the production of audiovisual material to promote their tradition. For the participants to learn about the traditions of their own country and get to know the traditions of other marginalized European areas and more, you can find more objectives and activities schedule in the info pack below.

Accommodation and food: 100% covered by Erasmus + Program

Travel costs: are budgeted according to Erasmus + conditions (using the EU distance calculator) http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/tools/distance_en.htm

The participants should arrive in Cyprus on the 23rd of August (before 18:00) and depart on the 1st of September 2021.

You are allowed to come only 2 extra days before or after the project dates, but accommodation and food cannot be funded.

Venue and Accommodation

  • Pedoulas is surrounded by pine woods, rich spring waters, and cherry trees, the village of Pedhoulas lies in the Marathasa valley, high on the Troodos mountain.
  • Participants will be accommodated in rooms of 2-3 ( or according to any regulations in regards to COVID-19), separately for males and females, with a private bathroom. Accommodation and food are fully covered by the program.
  • The sessions and workshops will take place in a big room at the venue or outdoors with a great view. The venue is equipped with the necessary first aid kits.
  • Accommodation: https://www.facebook.com/elyssiahotel/

COVID19 information

  • Currently, in order to enter Cyprus, participants will need to undergo a PCR test within 72 hours prior to entering the Republic.  The cost of the tests will be covered. All selected participants will be updated on measures prior to their trip.
  •  Prior to entering Cyprus, all participants will need to apply for CyprusFlightPass within 24 hours before the commencement of travel from the Country of Origin to the Republic of Cyprus (either direct flight or via intermediate Countries). You can find the form here: https://cyprusflightpass.gov.cy/
  • The organization will comply with all prevention measures issued by the Government of Cyprus at the specific timeframe.
  • All participants & partners will be kept updated prior to their arrival with all health & safety protocols.

In case you’ll need to undertake a PCR test in your country before travel (if you are not vaccinated or haven’t been positive within 180 days prior to arrival) the cost of the test will be reimbursed by the host.

Please carefully read the Info Pack before applying.

To Apply, complete & submit this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfTYTUnIRqwPs4e2izX8HFFdOJ4E1t3mXhE-hn06zJYH1iZ_w/viewform by 30th of July 2021