Open call for EXTREMELY TOGETHER AGAINST EXTREMISM | Youth exchange in Armenia | APV: 13-16 July 2021 | YE: 22-30 August 2021

“Extremely Together Against Extremism” is a youth exchange between young people from 8 different countries of the European Union and Neighboring Partner countries which will be realized by a group of young active people in Armenia. Youth Exchange is a joint venture of young people with different backgrounds who live in different European countries and face similar challenges – radicalization and extremism. Young people who are behind this project believe that Intercultural Dialogue, Learning and Communication are the best tools to promote youth de-radicalization, tolerance and cultural acceptance.

The Advance Planned Visit will take place in Armenia from 13-16 July 2021.

The Youth Exchange will take place in Armenia from 22-30 August 2021 and will engage young people from 4 Erasmus+ Programme countries (Italy, Cyprus, Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia) and 4 Neighboring partner countries of the EU (Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Objectives of the project:

  • Discuss the concept of intercultural learning and how young people can avoid creating more stereotypes.
  • Learn about cultural diversity in different parts of Europe and exchange ideas on intercultural society.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the concept of intercultural learning and multiculturalism.
  • Debate on how Intercultural Learning can be used as a tool to fight radicalization.
  • Develop a good working knowledge of Erasmus+ programme and how young people can use it to promote tolerance and anti-discrimination.
  • Develop new projects together promoting intercultural dialogue among different cultures and communities in Europe..

|| For the Advanced Planning Visit (APV) 13-16 July 2021, we are looking for 2 representatives (1 Group Leader + 1 participant) || Group leader has no age limit and participant must be 18 – 25 years old

|| For the Youth Exchange (YE) 22-30 August, 2021, we are looking for 4 participants (18 – 25 years old) and 1 Group Leader (no age limit) ||

Travel cost reimbursement: All the participants will receive the travel reimbursement, via bank transfer.

Travel insurance: Please keep in mind that you are self-responsible for sufficient insurance (illness/personal liability/cancellation/theft etc.).

Accomendation: During the APV and the Youth Exchange, the participants will be accommodated in double rooms in a hotel.

YouthPass certificates: All participants will receive a YouthPass certificate at the end of the activity. Upon their request participants will get also Annex to Youth Pass with 8 Key Competences.

COVID-19 Measures

Please check the following travel restrictions before your trip:

  • Upon entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia via air and land borders travelers will be asked to provide a COVID-19 PCR test certificate with negative results taken within the previous 72 hours.
  • The certificate should be in Armenian, Russian or English, include the name, surname, date of birth, and passport number of the examined person, printed on the official letterhead of the medical institution conducting the test, identifying all contacts of the organization, test result, signed and sealed by the head of the medical institution.

Safety measures during the Training Course:

  • We will make sure that the common areas at the hotel have hand sanitizer and water dispensers.
  • We will open the windows every 15 minutes to let the fresh air in the room.
  • We will have the thermometers, face masks and sanitizers at the hotel.
  • We will replace the activities that include hugging and physical contact.

For more information read the INFO PACK attached below.

To APPLY, complete & submit this form –

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