Open call for “COMPOS MENTIS – Inclusion and mental health well-being in youth projects” | Training course in Poland | 14.08. – 21.08. 2021

The main purpose of the training course is to familiarize the youth workers with different types of mental disorders and psychotherapeutic approaches and equip them with the necessary knowledge and competencies fostering inclusion and ensuring the mental well-being of the participants during youth projects.

We are looking for 3 participants (youth workers) that live in Cyprus || There is no age limit for participants.

The training course will be addressed to 32 participants, with members of the training team, coming from Greece, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Sweden, Bosna and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Portugal, Hungary, and Poland. It will be held in Rabka Zdrój, Poland from 14th until 21st of August 2021.


  1. Recognize various mental health issues and explore different types of psychotherapy approaches.
  2. Boost leadership resilience and adaptability in a VUCA world.
  3. Learn, practice, and apply methods for social inclusion.
  4. Recognize, empathize and include participants with fewer opportunities in the area of mental health and improve group dynamics in youth projects.
  5. Learn and practice PersonCentred Therapy Methods, Nonviolent Communication, and Gordon Model.

During the training, various working methods will be used, such as role-playing group dynamic game with a twist, eduLARP, storytelling, NVC, Gordon model exercises, Fishbowl, World Cafe, scavengers hunt adventure game, Unconference, peer-coaching, for more information, see the attached info pack.

Travel costs: The reimbursment for youth workers from Cyprus is up to 275 EUR


  • Hotel Villa ReZone (Villa ReZone, ul. Cicha 12, 30-700, Rabka, Zdrój Poland)
  • Provided by the organizers.
  • In a town close to Gorce, Pieniny, and Tatra mountains.
  • Accommodation in 2-3 person rooms with private bathrooms, on the spot available: sauna, jacuzzi, and nice garden!

In case you want to arrive in Rabka before or stay longer after the training course, you have to arrange your accommodation at your own expense.

COVID – 19 travel restrictions:
Concerning Covid-19 we will follow the official Polish regulations. Also, we intend to:

  • Keep distance.
  • Monitor health.
  • Be in constant connection with the nearest medical center.
  • Car travel is eligible up to the reimbursement money.

We have the whole hotel at our disposition to ensure proper distance. We advise you get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Please carefully read the Info Pack before applying.

To Apply*, complete & submit this form by 7th of June –

*Ideally we would like one participant who will be able to participate in both trainings.

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