Move On| Training Course| Armenia

Move On| Training Course| Armenia

Move On| Training Course| Armenia

Project Description

"MoveON - Moving Towards Gender Sensitive Youth Work in Europe" is a
long term project which envisages 2 activities - a Training Course for Youth
Workers and a Youth Exchange for Young People. Both activities will be
targeting youth workers and young people based in the countries of the
European Union (Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece) and the
Neighboring countries (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine).

The long term project "MoveON - Moving Towards Gender Sensitive
Youth Work in Europe" aims at increasing the awareness of youth
workers, youth leaders and young people about gender perspectives and
challenges in Europe, providing participants with skills to develop good
quality projects and non-formal activities locally and internationally under
the Erasmus+.

The project aims to develop and improve the knowledge and understanding of youth workers
involved in the project on various gender-related concepts, analyze
traditions, roles and perceptions of gender in different European countries
and societies.

This training course will take place from October 3rd to October 11th.

The activities we want to carry out are directly linked to the profile of the participants. 

Are you interested in topics like gender equality or LGBTQ Rights?

The Training Course is targeting 30 (4 from each country) youth workers and youth trainers aged 18-
40, who either already work on the topics of gender equality, gender
mainstreaming, women empowerment and LGBTQ rights or are
interested to start working on the topic.

Additionally, the selected participants should be interested in confronting
gender-based violence and gender stereotypes in their home countries
and would be ready to transfer their gained knowledge to the youth in
their organizations and countries.

Some of our goals:

  • Providing space for learning about gender issues by sharing and comparing the realities in the European Union and the Neighboring Partner countries.
  • Promoting gender sensitivity in youth work and gender-sensitive approach in the participating organizations.
  • Facilitating networking among participants and promoting development of joint projects under Erasmus+ promoting gender equality;

Travel Information

100% of the total travel expenses will be reimbursed, as long as they are within the travel budget! (For example, in Cyprus, the travel budget is 275 Euro)

Travel days:

  • October 3rd
  • October 11th


Member states of the EU and Eastern Partnership do not need visa to
enter Armenia. Armenia has a visa-free regime with all the countries of
the EU and Eastern Partnership. In case you arrive to airport in Georgia, it
also has a visa-free regime with the EU and EaP.

Covid-19 measures

  • Vaccinated:

In case the participant is fully vaccinated, no PCR test is required in
Armenia. The participant needs to show the vaccination certificate
upon arrival.

  • Not vaccinated:

Upon entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia via air and land
borders travelers will be asked to provide a COVID-19 PCR test
certificate with negative results taken within the previous 72 hours.

Accommodation and food

During the Training Course and the Youth Exchange, the participants will
be accommodated in double rooms in a hotel.

During all the activities, food will be prepared by experienced cooks,
provided at the venue. Three meals and two coffee breaks per day will be
provided (dietary needs will be respected).

For more detailed information about the project please read the InfoPack.

In order to apply to the activity, please fill in the form available here, as soon as possible.

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