LevelUP TC in Thessaloniki | 25-30 January 2019

LevelUP TC in Thessaloniki  | 25-30 January 2019

LevelUP TC in Thessaloniki | 25-30 January 2019

Project Summary

Youth work can greatly contribute to young people's personal and social development and as a result the society also grows when young people are well equipped with competences that can have a positive impact in their lives and
their communities at large. There is a strong motivation for further improvement within the sector and there are a lot of significant efforts being done throughout Europe, on national, regional and local level, to enhance the quality and recognition of youth work.

We believe that youth work can be better recognised by measuring its real impact and effects on young people's lives. Often, youth organisations focus on the quantitative and not on the qualitative outputs. In order though to ensure the credibility and the real value of youth work, the opportunities and challenges in youth work shall be identified and analysed and quality tools shall be developed.

For this reason, the training course LevelUp! aims to gather youth workers, youth NGO practitioners, youth educators and volunteers with the aim of sharing best practices, experiences and expertise on measuring and assuring quality in youth work and on identifying and validating youth workers’ competences.

Youth workers & youth educators, NGO practitioners as well as volunteers involved in youth projects, from Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom participated in the first activity of
the training course “LevelUp!” in Dresden, Germany from 15 to 19 October 2018.

Participants’ Profile

This training course is aimed at youth workers, trainers, facilitators, NGO practitioners and volunteers involved mainly in youth projects, who:

  • Have some experience in implementing and/or coordinating Erasmus+ projects and running youth and community projects
  • Are actively involved in the development of quality youth projects that
    address the needs of their local communities
  • Are willing to learn new methods and use digital tools of validating their

We are looking for two participants to join the Training Course

Please read the  carefully the Info Pack

If you are interested please fill up the Application Form and send it to projects@yeu-cyprus.org including the title of the project in the subject.

Application deadline: 07/01/2019