(Inter)active Community- Slovenia

(Inter)active Community- Slovenia

(Inter)active Community- Slovenia

The project aims to extend the youth center promotional activities and to encourage young people to participate in the activities of the youth center and international activities. The volunteers will get to know youth work in the local environment in practice, to obtain various competences and skills.

Duration of the project:  6th May 2019 to 20th December 2019 

Venue:  Idrija, Slovenia 

Main topics: 

1. To work with media, photography, film: take pictures of our events, be in charge of our social media accounts, create promo videos, movie recaps from projects or/and realise other ideas for promoting the activities.

2. To get involved in the following activities, according to your interest: 

- workshops for local youngsters 

- open events such as country presentations or language cafe's 

- visiting schools and promoting Erasmus+ program, your country 

- delivering workshops about culture, human rights, youth opportunities, volunteering 

- initiating your own project. 

Accommodation and monthly allowance will be provided to the volunteer, according to the ESC standards.

If you are interested, read the info pack below for more details and send us your CV and Motivation Letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org and info@mcidrija.si  until the 1st of May.