integrati-ON Y/E IN Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy | 9-18 SEPTEMBER 2019

integrati-ON Y/E IN Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy | 9-18 SEPTEMBER 2019

integrati-ON Y/E IN Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy | 9-18 SEPTEMBER 2019

Project Description

Data concerning immigration in the European Union and the negative statistics on discrimination and ethnic profiling in Italy in 2018 are at the base of “integrati-ON” project, which aims at promoting intercultural dialogue among young people, both European citizens and not, and to raise awareness on values such as social integration, respect for diversity and social commitment. “integrati-ON” intends to contribute to the dissemination of these values through a youth exchange, which allow participants to get in touch with new cultures and new traditions and to
dialogue as a tool to build a more inclusive society.

This goal will be achieved through a youth exchange that will take place in Italy from the 9th to the 18th of September 2019 and which will involve a group of 35 people, including 30 young people aged between 20 and 22 and 5 representatives of European organizations coming from Italy, Spain, Germany, Latvia and Cyprus. Among the six participants expected for each partner, each group leader must select 3 young citizens of his country and 3 young people with extra-European origins resident in the country (please see the following note). In order to promote social inclusion, in each national group, two young people with fewer opportunities will also be involved, this situation due to a difficult socio-economic background, to a condition at risk of social marginalization or due to relational or cultural difficulties.

The exchange, from the theme "Active Youth for Integration", will focus on Cooperative Learning activities to foster young people’s interest and to encourage them to actively engage in countering the various forms of discrimination. Migration-related issues, concepts of identity, belonging and equality will be discussed during thematic sessions, problem-solving exercises and group work; “world café” debates and brainstorming exercises will concern European integration policies and EU’s commitment to promoting a sense of belonging among its citizens.

The informal and non-formal educational techniques will be emphasized, because they ensure the acquisition of knowledge and skills by learners, making them protagonists of activities based on group cooperation and interpersonal exchange.

In the long run, thanks to the participation in "integrati-ON", young people will be more open- minded and willing to deepen new subjects, improve their relation skills in a multicultural context and will spread values of social inclusion, intercultural understanding as well as civic engagement
and respect for diversity. As far as partner organizations are concerned, they will be protagonists of a process of sharing experiences and skills in the field of integration, representing the origin of a new European network in the sector. Collaboration with other European companies will enable them to acquire new working methods, as well as greater visibility both at local and European level.


We are looking for 6 participants 20-22 to participate in this Youth Exchange as well as 1 group leader without age limitation. Participants should be Cypriots or Cyprus Residences coming from EU or non EU countries with travel allowance.

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 360 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the Infopack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form . Send it to with the subject 'integrati-ON Application form'