Inclusive Leadership_Seminar and TC Germany

Why was this project created?

We see in our societies the growing need to develop a sense of solidarity and inclusiveness. Rise of extreme attitudes, the return of nationalism are holding us back, whereas Europe is rapidly changing, becoming more diverse. Our mission is thereby to prepare young generations for the growing diversity of societies in Europe, as well as empower all young people, especially vulnerable ones to be active and an integral part of this society. To do that we want to create a network of youth leaders/workers
who will support inclusiveness of youth work all around Europe!

The structure of the project:
1) Seminar for exchange of good practices on inclusive methodologies
and their origin in the European Youth Policy: 27.8. – 4.9.2020 in Berlin

2) TC on adopting an inclusive approach into adventure based learning
methodology, boosting inclusion, solidarity and diversity in Europe: 22. – 30.05.2021 in Nürnberg.

Preferably participants should participate in both meetings.

We are currently looking for four participants with no age limit to take part in the first seminar and three participants for the Training Course.

Participants of this programme will join the network of youth leaders/workers with an “Inclusion Supporter ” quality label granted by Verein für inklusive Erlebnispädagogik.

For more information and before ones application please read thoroughly the info-pack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form until the 24th of July.

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