Human Nature Y/E IN Odessa and Ivano-Frankiv, Ukraine | 16 – 29 July

Our project is to organize a European youth exchange that will involve 27 young people from Belgium, Cyprus, France, Spain and Ukraine in a group adventure, from their home country to a remote Ukrainian countryside and –finally- to the shores of the Black see, in order to feel, reflect and express themselves about the relationship that links the Human Being to its Mother Earth.

Our youth exchange is built on the following notions:

HUMANITY : our youth exchange is planned as a trip made of multiple meetings with people living in different environments and conditions. Participants will experiment different rhythms, different philosophies, different daily life styles, different levels of access to facilities and to the –so called modern comfort… Through activities and workshops, they will collect words, interviews, photos, handmade creations, meals recipes… They will gain testimonies and share experiences of the human conditions from the western and from the eastern sides of Europe, from deep rural areas and from urban and post-industrial areas.

NATURE: during the 1st part of their stay in Ukraine, the group will be immerged in unique surroundings, where the nature seems totally preserved, where animal and plants are everywhere. Workshops, hikes, products transformations will invite the group to discover and appreciate what Earth is so simply offering to us.

ECO-CITIZENSHIP: depending of their history, their geographical position, their politics, the people from the different participating countries have different levels of awareness about the environment challenges. Our youth exchange will enhance the sharing of experiences and practices about environmental protection: waste sorting and recycling, support to the biodiversity, saving of energies… They will give visibility and disseminate such practices via public happenings in the city of Odessa.

CONTINUITY: as it will be better explained here below, our project is also the result of a continuous upcycling of energies gained through various exchanges organized in the course of the previous years. Its prep-team is composed of youth leaders and young participants who progressively met and started to collaborate on projects organized in Belgium and in Spain in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The youth exchange presented in this application must be one more mile stone in this dynamic that, each year, permits to new young people to take responsibilities, to propose ideas and thematic to be explored, and to develop initiatives.

In line with the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme and the Ka1-youth mobility action, this youth exchange is planned and will be implemented in order to:

– Encourage the participants to share opinions and take position about the project thematic; but also to listen and to learn from what is expressed by the other ones and can be different of what they think or believe in.

– be involved in a strong intercultural experience, thanks to their involvement in an intense group life, composed of individuals coming from very different countries and cultures ; but also via their discovering and meeting with the Ukrainian culture which, on certain aspects might be seen far from western European one.

– permit the young participants to be actively involved in the project and group life management ; by that way and between others, to gain new social abilities.

– permit the young participants to gain new learnings and competencies that will support their ability to be autonomous, to take initiative and responsibilities

Our youth exchange is entirely though and will be implemented according to non-formal education methods. It is a grass-roots youth project.


We are looking for 5 people 18-30 to participate in this activity.

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 275 euros for traveling cost.

Info pack

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form . Send it to with the subject ‘Human Nature Application’

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