HORIZON TC in Adršpach, Czech Republic | May 27 – June 7 2020

HORIZON TC in Adršpach, Czech Republic | May 27 – June 7 2020

HORIZON TC in Adršpach, Czech Republic | May 27 – June 7 2020


From time to time we need the moments to take a break, look around and reflect on the direction we are heading to. We ask ourselves existential questions like: Is this really MY way? Does it make any sense what I do? Am I doing some thing which I like, helps the world and makes use of my best abilities?

This training course is based on our partner's long -term experience in training youth workers. They see that there are always some difficult moments for youth workers, when their motivation decreases. It happens while they feel burned out, while they’ re questioning their skills, values, and vision. At that time, they don’t know what the right way should be. They believe that this period is very natural, and one way of getting over it is to break, ask and search.

What will you experience?

  • Connection with the place and group through stories, walks, and value-based methods
  • Reflection of your professional career, your personal and professional values
  • Focus on your body through every day Yoga sessions, focusing and mindfulness techniques, walking in nature
  • Strengthening the skills necessary for pilgrimage
  • Five days of pilgrimage in beautiful landscape of Adršpach region
  • Five days and nights of sleeping, eating, and living outside in nature
  • Creation of your own Ikigai through non verbal techniques, creative workshops, individual and group reflections
  • (Re)forming and (re) discovering your professional (and personal) vision through Ikigai
  • Planning of the first future steps and making public commitment
  • Support for your steps after the training course (coaching groups, buddies)
  • Meta-reflection of the training course goals, approach, and methods, and their use within the participants’ youth work reality


We are looking for four participants to take part in this opportunity

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 360 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the infopack and schedule

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form until 02/02