Young people mirror the society of today and as Sheikha Al Mayassa, considered the most powerful woman in the art world, says: “We do not want to be all the same, but we want to understand each other.” This is because it is no longer possible to speak of a youth, since there are many types of youths of whom we have heard or spoken of. This leads us to realize that there are different “youths” with desires, needs, formations and different challenges.

That’s why Adamastor intends to develop this project, thus creating tools for young people to participate and persuade others to do the same in order to make a better community and society in which they are inserted.
The project will be divided into two activities. The first concerns a Youth Exchange where the youngsters will expose their problems and barriers to the lack of active participation and these same problems and difficulties will be discussed in the second activity which will be a Mobility of Youth Workers, who being these workers of the youth area representing youth
organizations and associations will work on a final Tool Kit that will be presented and explained to the community to create measures and tools that allow the active participation of young people in the community.

In both mobilities mentioned in this project, the activities that we will develop will be practical activities, based on non-formal education that will allow both young participants and youth workers a more interactive way to expose problems and difficulties as well as solutions that have been found to fight these same problems. In order to meet the main topic of the
project we will also focus on the eight levels of participation indicated by Sherry Arnstein.

The greatest impact that can be expected from the outset is the opportunity for 65 participants (46 of whom will be young people with fewer opportunities) to carry out a valuable experience which, in addition to personal enrichment, will enable them to better understand the European situation in which we find ourselves. It is expected to reflect on lessons learned, analysis of mechanisms and tools to promote collaboration on active participation of young people and support in the construction of Europe.

We aim to improve quality and increase cooperation between youth associations and public institutions at the international level in order to move towards economic development and social cohesion which obviously goes to the young community and life opportunities which together with other experiences of life, this program can offer.

In the long term we will see results obtained after this project, as we hope to see the solutions found in this project to be implemented not only in Portugal, but also in all partner countries of the project so that young people can freely and actively participate in society, thus building a society for all.


We are looking for:

1 person (no age limit) to participate as a leader and 4 participants 18-30 years old ta take part.

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  and send it to with the subject GLAD YE.

Application deadline: 28/03/2019

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