#GETUPSTANDUP, 2nd TC IN Litomyšl Castle, Czech Republic|14-20 of September

Summary of the project

GetUpStandUp surrounds itself with influential European protests and events such as: 1968 protest and civil rights movements, the invasion of Czechoslovakia, the student protests and anti-Semitic campaign in Poland, the 1989 Democratic revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin wall in order to raise awareness of their significance, use them as examples to stimulate debate and finally utilize them as means
of reflection and comparison on their nature and their influence on contemporary protests as well. This goal is implemented throughout the project with the use of debates, structured dialogue events and public interventions in Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and Poland by the project partners. In the final stage, international training courses will be held in Italy, Czech Republic and Cyprus in order to examine the theory and practices of human rights advocacy in the EU, focusing on the previously mentioned time periods and today. The project is founded by Europe for Citizens Programme – European Remembrance.

Summary of the training

The training course has as a main topic promotion of human rights with a specific focus on the right of freedom of speech. There we will be 30 participants from Czechia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland. The training will be based on non-formal education and will aim on inspiring the participants to actively engage in the subject of civil participation
across Europe and gain skills that they can use in their organisation and communities.

The objectives of the TC are:

  • to equip youth workers with all the necessary knowledge
    on how to further promote active citizenship within the EU
    and affect attitudes within their regions and communities,
  • to increase the sense of transnationality, knowledge and
    experience in human rights advocacy and active citizenship
    of the project participants,
  • to create new projects promoting common European
    history and active citizenship.


We are looking for 3 people to participate in this Training course.

Accommodation, food and travel expenses are fully covered by the programme.

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form.

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