EVS "Happiness" Project 



            “Happiness” mission is to organize different leisure time as well as educational activities for young people, in order to help them find different creative ways to find happiness. At the same time our aim is to help them learn new and diverse things, such as speaking a new language, getting to know a new culture and also come nearer to their own traditions. With the valuable help of our volunteers we organize activities that will help the members of the Cypriot community to explore their identity and find ways to become more active and happy.

Our volunteers’ main targets are to organize events that will show to them and to the young Cypriots the opportunities they have abroad and how they can travel and at the same time learn new things. Through different actions, including non-formal education and a variety of other tools, such as "Human Library" or "Theater of the Oppressed", cultural and sports festivals and many more, we try to make people understand that they have different ways to be happy, productive and creative. The volunteers get lots of versatile experience from youth work and gain lots of knowledge about leading different kinds of youth groups.

Furthermore, the volunteers have the chance to improve their organizational, social and team working skills, by planing activities according to their own talents, knowledge, preferences etc. and be part of developing existing ones. They also learn about youth information and about different kinds of office work like reporting and planning. Volunteers have the chance to participate in the diffusion of youth mobility programs, support the implementation of workshops, support the search for partner projects and the organization of local and international seminars. In addition, they help in a shelter by organizing activities for the migrants and help them with their everyday tasks if there is need.

Our volunteers are active and well-motivated people, willing to expand their horizons through experiencing new adventures and challenges. They come from Italy, Spain and Czech Republic.


Period of the Project: 

20 May 2017 – 19 May 2018


EVS Project - Our Voice (2016-2017)

Three enthusiastic and passionate volunteers are taking part in our new EVS project “Our Voice!”; Luana from Italy, Nikola from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Veronika from Czech Republic. They are highly motivated to organize activities for young people and help them to express themselves and take part in the democratic process of Cyprus. They are involved in the organization by offering different kind of workshops such as weekly Music Workshop, promotional workshops about EVS, and a bi-communal Woodcarving Workshop for Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot artists. They also organize discussion meetings and educational activities for young people based on Structured Dialogue Methodology. These activities aim to facilitate the discussion between young people and policy makers about different subjects, to make sure that the opinion of young people are taken into account in defining the EU’s youth policies. Our volunteers arrived in Cyprus in September and so far they have organized already two monthly events based on the Structured Dialogue Methodology. The first one was about “Migration in Cyprus” and the second one about “Integration and Discrimination in Cyprus.”




Our Voice! September 2016 - May 2017

megaphone-our voiceYEU Cyprus is looking for three Volunteers for his next EVS Program which starts in September of 2016.

Countries of the Program are Italy, Bosnia - Herzegovina and Czech Republic.

Project's Summary:

“Our Voice!” project’s mission is to organize different workshops and meetings as well as educational activities for young people based on structured dialogue (YEU Cyprus will provide the volunteers with all the relevant training concerning Structured Dialogue methodology), in order to help them express themselves, find ways to contribute to the community and participate in the democracy process of Cyprus. At the same time our aim is to help them participate in discussions between young people and policy makers about different themes, to make sure the opinions of young people are taken into account in defining the EU’s youth policies. The themes and topics for discussion are usually decided at European level by EU Youth Ministers but we are also going to organise different other meetings to discuss other topics, such as the opinions of young people for the Cypriot problem and how they think it could be solved in the best possible way, unemployment, youth empowerment and many more issues that affect the youth.

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you aremy greatestadventure


Four enthusiastic volunteers are taking part into our new EVS Program "Cultural Caravan". Benjamin from Hungary, Barbara from Portugal, Gioia from Italy and Juanjo from Spain are motivated and ready to create new and unique ideas for the cultural and social environment of Nicosia and Cyprus.

They arrived in Cyprus in April and so far they organised events not only in Nicosia (Veggie Kitchen, Movie Screenings, the workshop "Open mind, open world", etc. ), but also in Larnaca (sport events like "Wet games").  For the fall of 2016 they are planning ahead lots of events, therefore if you would like for example to take free lessons of Spanish, Italian or Portuguese, or you would like to attend other cultural events, don't forget to check our  YEU Cyprus Facebook page for news and updates, as well as Cultural Caravan's Facebook page.