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"Volunteering 4 Social Empowerment" in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Euni Partners is a non-governmental organization, with main fields of activity – education and training, networking and sustainable development. We provide trainings for people from all ages, starting from children in kindergarten level, to school and university students and adults. We work to encourage and expand the cooperation among the academia, business, institutions and educational organizations in order to foster the development of policies and practices, based on the expertise and needs of all involved.

Main Objectives: The aim of the project is to empower young people with skills and competences, which will help them to strengthen their sense of citizenship, responsibility and initiative; improve their media literacy and critical thinking; digital and organizational skills; their career possibilities on labour market, give a chance to gain international experience, develop their tolerance and sense of solidarity and widen their horizons.

Project Activities: October 2018 - October 2019

Venue: The project takes place in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Accommodation: Volunteers will live in shared apartment in single or double rooms in close distance to the office and centre of the city. Bills for the heating, electricity, water and internet are covered.

Allowance: Monthly allowance is 225 EUR, except months January and February, when it is 209 EUR, due to higher electricity consumption.

Apply: After you carefully read the Info Pack, send your CV and motivational letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org until the 25th of September.



The Comprehensive School "J. A. Comenius" is composed of 3 primary schools, a middle school and
a school with special teaching. The Institute “J.A: Comenius” promotes school inclusion by:
 giving value to cultural differences present in the Institute through intercultural trainings;
 offering workshops in small groups for students facing learning difficulties;
 offering workshop of “making” giving value to students' abilities and skills to avoid
 drop-outs and early school leavingfavouring students' creativity and entrepreneurship through
the participation in projects such as "Trentino Young scientist Challenge".

Main Objectives: Different tours: visits to museums, monuments and cities, Realization of cultural and linguistic workshops, involvement in coordination activities to promote continuity between kindergarten and primary school
and between primary school and secondary school.

Project Activities: September 2018 (9 Month duration)

Venue: The project takes place in Trento, Italy.

Accommodation: The volunteers are hosted according to EVS standards. The volunteer will live in a flat with other volunteers, sharing a double room with another volunteer of the same gender. The flat is situated
close to the city center, in a nice area next to the river. It has a spacious kitchen, a common area, two
bathrooms and all necessary facilities.

Food: The volunteers will go to lunch at the school canteen and will receive an allowance for
the evening, weekends and holidays. Volunteers will receive a transport card from Trentino Trasporti allowing them to travel free throughout the Province of Trento.

Apply: After you carefully read the Info Pack, send your CV and the completed Application Form to evs@yeu-cyprus.org until the 20th of September.


"erasChOOL" in Thessaloniki

Business Mentality is a nonprofit organization established in 2014 and its objective is to strengthen and promote entrepreneurship and a culture of the society and citizens, especially the youth.
The organization aims to contribute in creating a friendly business environment and strengthen the culture of the youth and communities in relation to entrepreneurship which will lead societies themselves to sustainable economic development.

Main Objectives: The erasChOOL, will be a project of 8 months, involving 2 volunteers, visiting local schools and institutions, researching the level of information acquired from students/youth and educational staff regarding European programs, opportunities and voluntarism. It will be an informative campaign, presenting all the opportunities on local, European & inter cultural basis for young people to expand their knowledge and skills and join the community of non-formal learning.

Project Activities: 30/09/2018 - 30/05/2019 (8 months)

Venue: The project takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece

Accommodation: Accommodation will be in a shared house with other volunteers and/or Erasmus students in center of the town. BUSINESS MENTALITY will provide a monthly card for the public transportation. There is a possibility that volunteers of same gender will share the same room. The house will be fully equipped, will have common rooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Food: 150 euros for pocket money. Money will be given to the volunteers at the beginning of every month. Food cost will be covered by BUSINESS MENTALITY through the project.

Apply:After you carefully read theInfo Pack, send your CV and motivational letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org until the 15th of September.


"VEEhYcLE" in Portugal

Volunteers in European Solidarity Corps as an Engine
(for social inclusion) of young peopLE



MOJU is a youth organization founded by a group of young people who strongly
believe in the importance of youth participation in society. It is a non-governmental
organization which works at three levels: local, national and international. As such,
MOJU is a member of the Federation of Youth Organizations of Algarve, of the
National Federation of Youth Organizations and of YEU – Youth for Exchange and

The aim of the project is to promote young people’s active citizenship in general and European
citizenship in particular since living and working abroad will be an important learning
experience in itself for the volunteers. Also the contact with the local youth will allow
the discussion about the European values with persons from different backgrounds and
realities, but also will be a chance to promote changes in different areas and different

Main Objectives: help to improve the level of skills and key skills of young people,
including the disadvantaged, promoting intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and
solidarity, particularly through creating opportunities for mobility for learning purposes.
Complementing will help to improve the quality of youth work by strengthening the
cooperation between youth organizations. In terms of priorities, the project will enable
the development of basic and transversal competences such as entrepreneurship and
multilingualism, and will raise awareness of European citizenship.

Project activities: Starting in October 2018, the volunteers will work on the project for a 12 month period

Venue: the southern Portuguese city of Olhão

Accommodation: MOJU as a hosting and coordinating organisation is responsible for providing the
volunteers with accommodation in a safe environment. The volunteer will live in a
furnished rented flat shared with other volunteers, close from the office and not far from
the centre of the town. The flat contains all the necessary amenities and is divided in
different rooms, kitchen and bathroom. The volunteers will have their own bedroom or
share it with another volunteer, a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Food: The house where the volunteers will live have a kitchen that can be used. A monthly
contribution for food will be given to every volunteer in the amount of 120 Euros.
The volunteer will receive during his stay in Olhão, a monthly pocket money. The amount is stipulated by the Erasmus + Programme and is equal to 150 Euros. The Coordinating Organization will be responsible to pay the pocket money at the end of
each month.

Apply: After you carefully read the Info Pack, send your CV and motivational letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org until the 15th of September.





"Future Is Digital" in Bulgaria

Digital National Alliance ( DNA) is part of the initiative of the European Commission Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. The main goal of the organization is to promote the digital technologies, to achieve more efficient implementation of the digital opportunities and to assist the development of the ICT sector in Bulgaria.

Main Activities of the Project:

  • Preparing social media posts
  • Communication with other volunteers and team members
  • Preparing educational packages for kids
  • Helping kids gain digital skills and digital literacy

Project Duration: 15/10/2018 - 10/12/2018 (2 months)

Venue: The project takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Accommodation: The volunteers will live all together in a flat. 2 volunteers will share a room and there will be common areas: bathrooms, kitchen, living room. The flat is provided with heating, hot water, elevator, internet Wi-Fi.

Food: DNA team will provide money for food for the volunteers. They will also receive a monthly allowance of 60 Euro in form of "pocket money".

Apply: After you carefully read the Info Pack, send a CV and motivational letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org and office@digitalalliance.bg until the 15th of September.



"Smile To You" in Romania

Asociatia Voluntariat pentru Viata is an NGO, based in Romania, founded in November 2012
on the initiative of some specialists in the field of education, art, history, social assistance.
The mission of Asociatia Voluntariat pentru Viata is to promote volunteering and civic
consciousness by developing activities that contribute to increased public awareness of the
contribution of volunteers to the local community and to the society in general.

The aim of the project is to prevent the phenomenon of bullying among children and young
people from the Mărăşeşti, Panciu, Garoafa, Ciuslea and Focsani communities through nonformal
education activities.

Main objectives:
- To increase the awareness of children and young people in Vrancea County on the
phenomenon of bullying and its effects during the 14 months of the project.
- To improve the skills of the 8 volunteers in working in the field of education with
disadvantaged groups during the 7-month mobility.
- To increase the motivation of children and youth from participating communities to take
responsibility for resolving conflicts in their lives without violence during the 14 months of
the project.
- To develop attitudes of non-discrimination, equality, tolerance, respect among the children
and young Romanian participants in the project and the European volunteers.

The project will involve 8 EVS volunteers from 8 different countries: Armenia, Cyprus,
Georgia, Greece, Estonia, Italy, Poland and Turkey.

Project activities: 01/11/2018 – 31/05/2019 (7 months) – 212 activity days + 2 travel days.
31 October 2018 and 01 June 2019 are travel days.

Venue: The project takes place in 2 different towns, which are 20 km apart: Mărăşeşti and

Accommodation: The volunteers will live in flat accommodation in Focșani and Marasesti, in
shared bedrooms, individual beds, with common area, shared cooking, washing, laundry and
social facilities, free wi-fi included.

Food: Volunteers will receive a monthly food allowance of 120 Euro to buy food products
and cook for themselves. They will also receive a monthly allowance of 90 Euro in form of
“pocket money”.

Apply: After you read carefully the Info pack, complete the Application form attached below & send it along with your CV and a short motivational videoto evs@yeu-cyprus.org until the 15th of September.

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