EVS Vacancies in Belgium Flanders

EVS Vacancies in Belgium Flanders

General Info on Projects in BFL

Age limits: 18-30 years.

Number of volunteers: Most of the projects only host one volunteer.

Period of the projects: 13 January till 8 July 2018

Application deadline: 25 September 2017

Hosting: All participants will be hosted in a host family or at the work place, depending on the project. Only volunteers who are truly motivated to live in a Belgian host family should apply for this project! Please do know that our host families are not necessarily living near the project. Be aware that you might have the travel time from your home to your project might take a while. Especially, when your project is situated in a large city (like Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent), it’s very likely that you will be hosted in the suburbs and not in the city centre.

Language: The will to learn the Dutch language is a very important aspect. We expect people to be dedicated to learn Dutch. In most projects the motivation to learn Dutch fast is a requirement. We will offer online Dutch language courses, but motivation remains the most important factor to communicate at ease. A good communicative knowledge of English is desirable and sometimes required. All communication with AFS BFL is done in English. Depending on the volunteer work you want to do, in most projects it is necessary to have a very good level of communication skills in English.

Travel: please make sure to arrive at Brussels national airport – (airport code = BRU) !


Once you are accepted as an EVS-volunteer in a project, we will ask you to provide us with:

  • A guarantee of 75 euro (which will be refunded right after your arrival in Belgium, together with the pocket money for the first month)
  • A health form signed and stamped by your doctor (we will give you a form)
  • A signed Q&A form (we will give it to you)

For more detailed information on each of the projects, please read carefully the Info Pack attached below.

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