EVS Opportunity in Athens Greece!

EVS Opportunity in Athens Greece!

EVS Opportunity in Athens Greece!


The program corresponds to the needs of young people by giving them a chance to develop and apply their own personal talents, to develop their own initiatives, leading them to be the Youth Workers, Trainers and Organizations’ owners of a challenging and demanding European future. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to meet Greek civilization, culture and traditions as a central point in the universal cultural history. Final aim is to create young, dynamic completed people who are ready to face any new challenge, to demand the best in their lives, to claim their own better world.


01/09/2018 - 31/08/2019

Volunteer tasks

The volunteers will be divided in groups of 3 and every group will follow a different daily schedule of activities, depending on his/her personal capacities and interests. The volunteers will follow a program of five (05) days a week seven (07) hours a day. Every day is divided in both Indoor and Outdoor activities (see Infopack for more info)


Volunteers will be living in apartments of INPLANET. They will probably share a room with other volunteer/s. The apartments will have a kitchen, living area and bathroom. They must cook their own meals and they will eat together. In order to achieve the desirable socialization for our Volunteers we think that the accommodation standards contribute the most to this direction. That practically means that the Volunteers must be prepared for this experience and get ready to help each other, at least in the beginning, in order to adjust the living standards in a common accepted level.

Application process

Send to: evs@yeu-cyprus.org

Full CV and a Motivation Letter in which you explain somehow your needs, your expectations and why you want to participate to our EVS program. In your CV we need you to fill in phone number, full address, valid email address and we will need a clear photo of your passport or another travelling document that you have.